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Sean Vincent GILLIS


The victims


Ann Bryan

82-year-old Bryan, was found stabbed to death in her bedroom at St. James Place retirement home, March 21, 1994. Linked to Gillis by confession.



Katherine Hall

Hall's body was found in January 1999 lying face down in the Vignes Lake subdivision in the southeast corner of the parish, near Hoo Shoo Too Road. When Hall was killed, authorities said she lived on the streets and used crack cocaine. Her jacket was found after her death, miles away, hanging near the leeve by LSU. Linked to Gillis by DNA.



Hardee Mosley Schmidt

Hardeee, 52, dissapeared from her Pollard Estates subdivision while taking a jog in May 1999. Her body was found a few days later in a St. James Parish bayou. Linked to Gillis by confession.



Joyce Williams

Hunters in Iverville Parish stumbled upon Joyce Williams' severed leg bone in a patch of woody area on the east bank of the Mississippi River about three miles south of the Plaquemine ferry on January 22, 2000. About 700 feet away, deputies summoned to the site found the rest of the skeleton. Joyce, 36, was seen leaving a home in Oriole Street in Baton Rouge on November 12, 1999. Linked to Gillis by confession.



Lillian Robinson

A fisherman found 52-year-old Robinson's naked body in the Atchafalaya Basin along Interstate 10 between Whiskey Bay and Butte La Rose exits on February 10, 2000. Linked to Gillis by confession.



Marilyn Nevils

The badly decomposed body of Nevils, 38, was found in November 2000 on the Mississippi River levee about a mile south of Ben-Hur Road. Linked to Gillia by confession.



Johnnie Mae Williams

Johnnie Mae, 45, who he said had been a friend for nearly 10 years. Gillis said that when he picked her up on the street in October 2003, she had become a steady user of crack cocaine. He couldn't restrain himself, he said. William's body was found October 11 by a group of people riding four-wheelers off Pride-Port Hudson Road near Green Franklin Road.
Linked to Gillis by DNA.



Donna Bennett Johnston

Donna, 43, was found February 27, 2004, strangled in a drainage canal just outside the Baton Rouge city limits, on Ben-Hur road. Johnston, like some of the others victims, let what police classify as a 'high-risk' lifestyle. Linked to Gillis by DNA.



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