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Sergei Aleksandrovich GOLOVKIN






A.K.A.: "The Fisher"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Mutilation
Number of victims: 11
Date of murders: 1986 - 1992
Date of arrest: October 19, 1992
Date of birth: 1959
Victims profile: Young boys
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Moscow, Russia
Status: Executed by shooting on August 2, 1996

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sergei golovkin evidence (graphic)

Sergey Golovkin (Russian: Сергей Александрович Головкин) (1959, in Moscow, Russia 1996) was a Russian serial killer known as "The Fisher" or "The Udav" (The "Boa") who killed and butchered 11 boys in the Moscow area between 1986 and 1992.

Golovkin was sentenced to death and executed by shooting, becoming the last person to be executed in Russia.


Anatoly Golovkin

A television special on this case warned that this case was cruel and not for children or those with a weak stomach. It is indeed one of the worst cases in the annals of serial crime.

Anatoly Golovkin was a pederast and serial killer. His victims were little boys ages ten to twelve. Golovkin terrorised Moscow for 16 years killing eleven known victims and more than likely many more unknown victims. The case closed with Golovkin's death sentence in 1994.

Golovkin would rape and sodomise the boys while he mutilated them, cutting their genitals, torso and throats.


Anatoly Golovkin (11)

Sentenced to death in Moscow in 1994, Golovkin joined Andrei Chikatilo in perestroika's rapidly growing gallery of the depraved. Another sexual sadist, Anatoly derived pleasure from slitting the bellies of some of his victims -- young boys -- and cutting their testicles. "He is a straight forward maniac," said a spokesman for Moscow district prosecutor's office. Golovkin was sentenced to death for murdering 11 boys over an eight-year period.



MO: "Straightforward maniac" who killed boys.

DISPOSITION: Condemned, 1994.

Michael Newton - An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers



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