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Phoenix native Mark Goudeau, thought to be the infamous "Baseline Killer,"
has been indicted on 74 counts that range from killings to rapes to robberies.

Pat Shannahan/ The Arizona Republic



Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas holds a press conference in Phoenix
announcing the charges against Mark Goudeau. Thomas has said he can
"allege confidently" that Goudeau is the Baseline Killer.

Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic



Linda Goudeau talks about her brother Mark Goudeau outside his residence.
She believes he was framed for the crimes by someone seeking
the $100,000 police reward.

Pat Shannahan/The Arizona Republic



Phoenix Police Commander Kim Humphrey answers questions about Goudeau's arrest
on September 7, 2006, more than a year after the killer's first attack.

Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic



Phoenix Police detectives search Goudeau's home. Police have used ballistics
and DNA evidence to link Goudeau to all of the Baseline crimes.

Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic



Two crosses stand on the corner of 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye where Romelia
Vargas, 38, and Mirna Palma Roman, 23 were killed. They ran a lunch wagon
that made rounds to construction sites.

Carlos Chavez/The Arizona Republic



A woman, who did not want to be identified at the bus stop at 24th Street and Indian School,
in Phoenix, AZ, looks at posters informing people of the reward for information leading
to the arrest of the serial killers in Phoenix.

Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic



Crosses and candles, left by carpenters and construction workers, mark the spot where
the Baseline Killer is suspected of having killed Romelia Vargas and Mirna Palma-Roman.

Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic



In Mesa on Gilbert & North of Brown Road, 22 year-old Mesa woman Robin Blasnek
was killed while walking down the street late at night. Her death is believed to be
the work of the Baseline Killer.




From left, Mayor Phil Gordon, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris and Clear Channel Outdoor CEO
Paul Meyer speak following the presentation of a "Baseline Killer" billboard at Indian School Road
and Central Avenue in Phoenix.

John Severson/The Arizona Republic



An emotional Wendy Carr, Mark Goudeau's wife, reads a statement during a press conference
outside her attorney's Phoenix office. Carr said Goudeau is "innocent of these crimes,"
describing him as hardworking, compassionate, kind and thoughtful.

Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic











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