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John Gilbert GRAHAM



John "Jack" Gilbert Graham



John "Jack" Gilbert Graham



John "Jack" Gilbert Graham



John "Jack" Gilbert Graham



November 14, 1955 - Denver: John Gilbert Graham, 23 (center), is escorted into the federal
Court Building here November 14th after being arrested by FBI agents on Federal charges
of dynamite bombing a United Air Lines DC-6B plane that crashed November 1st, killing
Graham's mother and 43 other persons.



November 26, 1955 - John Gilbert Graham (left), who is accused of the time-bomb deaths
of his mother and 43 other persons on an airliner last November 1st, talks with his
court-appointed attorneys here November 26th.

Graham is charged with placing a time-bomb in his mother's luggage after taking out
heavy insurance on her at the airport before she took off. The plane exploded and crashed near
Longmont, Colorado. Left to right are: Graham; John Gibbons; Charles Vigil and Paul Weadick.



November 28, 1955 - An unidentified sheriff's deputy escorts the handcuffed John Gilbert
Graham, 23, out of a car for his arraignment on charges of dynamiting a United Airlines
DC-6B which exploded and crashed near Longmont, Colorado, November 1st, killing
all 44 persons on board, including Graham's mother.



April 17, 1956 - John Gilbert Graham (left), on trail for murder in the crash of an airliner
which killed 44 persons, confers with his attorney, John Gibbons, in court.

Eleven more persons were excused from serving on the jury being picked to hear
Graham's trial. He is accused of placing a homemade dynamite bomb aboard a
United Airlines DC-6B to kill his mother, Mrs. Daisie King, for her insurance.
The plane exploded and crashed Nov. 1, 1955 near Longmont, Colo.



John Gilbert graham, accused of dynamiting a United Airlines Mainliner and killing
44 persons is conforted by his young wife, Gloria 23, as he awaits legal
hearings on his case. The couple has two young children.



May 15, 1956 - Doomed. Canon City, Colorado: Convicted slayer John Gilbert Graham
manages a smile as he enters the death cell in the Colorado State penitentiary here
May 15th. Graham, killer of 44 persons, one of them his own mother, in a plane
bombing, is scheduled to die the week of August 26th.







The tail of the plane was discovered on a Colorado farm.







The wreckage of the plane was carefully laid out in a Denver warehouse,
helping investigators solve the case.





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