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Steve Dennis GROGAN



An interview conducted with Mary Brunner, Steve Grogan, Catherine Share
and Tom Walleman on October 15, 1970.



Steve Grogan



Steve Grogan



Steve Grogan



Bruce Davis (left) and Steve Grogan (right).



December 23, 1970 - Steve Grogan (left) and Bruce Davis (right), defendants in the murder
of movie stunt man, Donald (Shorty) Shea are taken into court December 23. Davis, along
with Charles Manson (not present) was accused of both the Gary Hinman and Shea
murders, while Grogan was a defendant in the Shea case only. Grogan was later
paroled, the only member of the "Manson Family" to be paroled
 from a murder conviction.



October 30, 1971 - Los Angeles: Manson family member Steve Grogan, 20, smiles slightly
as he is led from the courtroom after he was convicted of first degree murder of movie
stuntman Donald (Shorty) Shea whose body has never been found. The jury of eight
men and four women deliberated just eight hours before returning the verdict. The
panel apparently had no problem with the "no body" angle of the case.





Steve Grogan shown on December 23, 1971, when he was sentenced.



Steve Grogan



The victim


Donald "Shorty" Shea was a Hollywood stuntman, actor
and victim of the Charles Manson murders.



Shea's remains were discovered in December 1977 when Steve Grogan agreed to tell
authorities the location of the body. Sgt. Bill Gleason, LASO Homicide, Deputy
Coroner John Mossberger and Deputy Sheriff Barry Jones, LASO Homicide, were
on the site when Shea was exhumed in 1977. Grogan was released shortly
after the discovery of Shea's remains in exchange for his cooperation.



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