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Charles Julius GUITEAU



Charles J. Guiteau



Charles J. Guiteau



Charles J. Guiteau



Charles J. Guiteau in 1881.



Charles J. Guiteau



Charles J. Guiteau



Political cartoon created for the cover of Puck Magazine on July 13, 1881. The cartoon
shows Charles J. Guiteau with a gun, and a note that reads "AN OFFICE OR YOUR LIFE!".

The caption reads: "A Model Office Seeker". It is accompanied by a quote: "I am a lawyer,
a theologian, and a politiction" - Charles J. Guiteau.



 An engraving of James A. Garfield's assassination, published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. The caption reads "Washington, D.C.—The attack on the President's life—Scene in the ladies' room of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad depot—The arrest of the assassin / from sketches by our special artist's [sic] A. Berghaus and C. Upham."
President Garfield is at center right, leaning after being shot. He is supported by Secretary of State James G. Blaine who wears a light colored top hat. To left, assassin Charles Guiteau is restrained by members of the crowd, one of whom is about to strike him with a cane.



Garfield Shot as Blaine Watches (AP)



The assassination of President Garfield by Guiteau.



President Garfield's assassination depicted in engraving from 1881 newspaper.



Contemporary illustration of Guiteau's pistol.



Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Passenger Terminal, Washington, DC (1873–77, Wilson
Brothers & Company, architects, demolished 1908). U.S. President James A.
Garfield was assassinated in this station on July 2, 1881.



Diagram of the Train Station
(from James Clark, The Murder of James A. Garfield)



Arraignment of Guiteau (A Complete History of the Trial of Charles Guiteau).



Guiteau on the Witness Stand (Harper's Weekly).



Trial Judge Walter Cox



"Phrenological Delineation" of Guiteau.



Guiteau's Brain (National Museum of Health and Medicine)(AP)



To General Sherman:

I have just shot the President. I shot him several times, as I wished him to go as easily as possible. His death was a political necessity. I am a lawyer, a theologian and politician. I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts. I was with the General Grant and the rest of our men, in New York during the canvass. I am going to the jail. Please order out your troops, and take possession of the jail at once. 

Very respectfully,

Charles Guiteau





Guiteau's Address to the American People on the Assassination of President Garfield.




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