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John Wayne GACY Jr.




Gacy's house.



The site of Gacy's home in Des Plaines, Ill., where Gacy buried the bodies
of 28 of the known 33 teenage boys he murdered.



Gacy's house.



December 22, 1976: Aerial view of 8213 Summerdalw Avenue.
The beginning of the excavation work.



Police outside Gacy's house.



The garage.



Police floor plans showing location of bodies found in Gacy's home.



Floorplan drawn by John Wayne Gacy showing the locations of his victims.



Investigators entering Gacy's House.



Porn magazines found in the house after Gacy's arrest.



The rope used in Gacy's "rope tricks."



Evidence recovered from Gacy's house.



Greg Bedoe leading Gacy to his house from the garage at 8213 Summerdale Avenue
after he had pointed out where he had buried John Butkovich's body. Dave
Sommerschield is slighly behind Gacy at his right.



Gacy's muddy car


On Friday, December 22, 1978, Gacy confessed to police that he killed at least thirty people
and buried most of the remains of the victims beneath the crawl space of his house.



On the first day that the police began their digging, they found two bodies. One of the bodies was
that of John Butkovich who was buried under the garage. The other body was the one found
in the crawl space. As the days passed, the body count grew higher. Some of the victims
were found with their underwear still lodged deep in their throats.



Some victims were buried so close together that police believed they were probably killed
or buried at the same time. Gacy did confirm to police that he had on several occasions
killed more than one person in a day.



Numbered stakes indicate where the bodies of John Wayne Gacy's victims were found
 in the crawl space beneath his suburban home. Twenty-nine bodies, all young males,
were recovered from Gacy's home. Four others were found in Illinois rivers.



The reason Gacy gave for them being buried so close together was that he was
running out of room and needed to conserve space.





On the 28th of December, police had removed a total of twenty-seven
bodies from Gacy’s house.













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