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Robert Christian HANSEN






A.K.A.: "The Alaska's Serial Killer"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Flew his victims into the Alaskan wilderness and hunted them down like wild game
Number of victims: 17 - 21
Date of murders: 1973 - 1983
Date of arrest: June 1983
Date of birth: February 15, 1939
Victims profile: Women (prostitutes, topless dancers, or topless barmaids)
Method of murder: Shooting (.223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle)
Location: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Status: Sentenced to a term of life imprisonment plus 461 years on February 28, 1984
Known victims

Name: Unidentified victim dubbed "Eklutna Annie"
Estimated age: Late teens - early 20's
Found: July 21, 1980
Location: Eklutna Lake Rd

In July 1980, building workers discovered a shallow grave on Eklutna Lake Rd. It contained the half eaten body of a young woman, and police suspected that it may be one of the missing girls, but due to the appalling conditions of her decomposed body, positive identification proved impossible. Police made a facial reconstruction and it was widely publicised, but the victim was never identified. She became known to investigators as "Eklutna Annie".

Name: Joanne Messina
Age: 24 year-old
Found: July 1980
Location: Nearby Eklutna Lake Rd

Local topless dancer, Joanne Messina body was found in a gravel pit. Unfortunately, her body was badly decomposed and, as with "Eklutna Annie", there was little evidence to be found.

Name: Sherry Morrow
Age: 23 year-old
Last seen: November 17, 1981
Found: September 12, 1982
Location: On the banks of the Knik River

On 12 September 1982 hunters found a shallow grave on the banks of the Knik River, which borders Anchorage. The remains were identified as that of 23 yr old topless dancer Sherry Morrow, who had been reported missing a year earlier. She had been shot in the back 3 times, and cartridges found near the body suggested that she had been shot with a .223 Ruger Mini-14 hunting rifle. An odd feature was that although the body was found fully clothed, there were no bullet holes in the clothing, suggesting that Sherry had been naked when shot, and had been redressed after death.

Name: Paula Goulding
Age: 17 year-old
Found: September 2, 1983
Location: On the banks of the Knik River

2nd September 1983, 3 months after the rape and kidnap of Cindy Paulson, who escaped from Robert Hansen, a grave was found on the banks of the Knik River. The victim was identified as another of the missing topless dancers, 17 yr old Paula Goulding. She had been murdered in exactly the same way as Sherry Morrow, and had also been redressed after death.


Name: Malai Larsen
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 24, 1984
Location: parking area by old Knik bridge


Name: Sue Luna
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 24, 1984
Location: Knik River

1983, the exact date of Sue's death is unknown. Robert Hansen, took Sue out to the Knik River in Alaska, stripped her, and made her run like an animal while he hunted her down, and eventually killing her. He shot her to death.


  Name: DeLynn Frey
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 25, 1984
Location: Horseshoe Lake

  Name: Teresa Watson
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 26, 1984
Location: Kenai Peninsula

Name: Angela Feddern
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 26, 1984
Location: Figure Eight Lake

Name: Tamara Pederson
Age: ?? year-old
Found: April 29, 1984
Location: one and a half miles from old Knik Bridge

Name: Lisa Futrell
Age: ?? year-old
Found: May 9, 1984
Location: south of old Knik Bridge

  Name: Andrea Altiery
Age: ?? year-old

Robert Hansen was a "trophy collector" It was largely this trophy collection that resulted in his successful conviction - among the significant items, he had kept a fish necklace that had been custom-made for Andrea Altiery.


The one that got away
  Name: Cindy Paulson
Age: 17 year-old


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