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Bruno Richard HAUPTMANN



This photo-diagram of the courtroom in which Bruno Hauptman is making his fight for life,
will enable you to visualize the setting under which the drama is being enacted. The
labels indicate the positions of the various principals in the cast of the infamous
Lindbergh Baby case.



Presiding At Hauptmann Trial. Flemington, New Jersey: Pictured above is Judge Thomas W.
Trenchard, sitting in the Hunterdon County Court, Flemington.



David T. Wilentz, Attorney General for New Jersey points to writings which he believes have
sealed Hauptmann's doom. Three handwriting experts have borne out his contention that
Hauptmann penned the ransom notes, after comparing them with request writing
by Hauptmann.



Attorneys For The Defense. Counsel for the defense--the legal gentlemen who will handle
the defense of Bruno Richard Hauptmann at his trial here, commencing January 2nd, are
seen here in conference today (Dec. 26). - Left to right are Lloyd Fisher, Edward J.
Reilly, Chief Counsel Fred Pope, and Egbert Rosecrans.



J. F. Condon, "Jafsie" of the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping case, is shown with members of the
Prosecution, shortly after arrival in Trenton. Left to right in this group are Prosecutor
Wilentz, Condon, Colonel Schwartzkopf of New Jersey State police and Hauk.



Flemington, New Jersey - John F. Condon, of the Bronx, New York, the "Jafsie" of the kidnap notes,
who was the intermediary between the kidnapper of the Lindbergh baby and Col. Lindbergh.



Composes Signature like Hauptmann's. James Clark Sellers. (above), handwriting expert who
testified at the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Lindbergh kidnap suspect in the Hunterdon
County Courthouse, Flemington New Jersey, Jan. 16th. Above are some of the exhibits he
 prepared to augment his testimony. He declared he believed the handwriting on the
ransom note was the same as the defendants.



Frank J. Wilson of the Internal Revenue Department testified at the trial
 of Bruno Richard Hauptmann.



Brevoort Bolmar, filling station proprietor at the Princeton, N.J. airport, not far from
the Lindbergh Hopewell home, is pictured in Flemington, N.J., Feb. 8th, when he
testified at the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann.

Bolmar averred that a man and woman, riding in a dark green sedan which contained
a ladder, bought gasoline from him on the day that the Lindbergh child was kidnapped.
He swore that the man he saw was not Bruno Richard Hauptmann. He also declared
that the man was not Isidor Fisch.



Dr. Erasmus M. Hudson, a finger print expert for the defense, with an enlarged finger print specimen
which is being used in his testimony in behalf of Bruno Richard Hauptmann at the Hunterdon County
Court, Flemington. Through Dr. Hudson, the defense set forth that there was only one nail hole in
the ladder section, and not four as the prosecution has declared.



Ben Hieier, witness for the defense, pictured in Flemington, J.J., Feb. 5th, when he testified at the trial
of Bruno Richard Hauptmann at the Hunterdon County Courthouse. Hieier said that he saw a man
resembling Isidor Fisch, scale the wall of the St. Raymond's cemetery in the Bronx, on the night
when the ransom money was paid.



State's handwriting expert testifying at Hauptmann trial Albert D. Osborn, handwriting expert for the
prosecution, is pictured in the Hunterdon County Court, Flemington, January 16, where he testified
for the State in its trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann.



Hauptmann placed at scene of crime by witness. another witness linked Bruno Richard Hauptmann with
the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby, during Hauptmann's trial in Flemington, N.J. Jan. 8th.
Mandus Hochmuth, 87 year old Prussian army veteran and resident of Hopewell, New Jersey, swore he
saw Hauptmann near the Lindbergh home in an automobile at noon on the day of the kidnapping.
Hockmuth is shown here as he pointed out Hauptmann.



Witness for Hauptmann. Louis Kiss, Defense witness who testified that he saw Bruno Richard
Hauptmann, alleged Lindbergh kidnaper, and Mrs. Hauptmann ina Bronx Bakery on March 1,
1933, is pictured on the witness stand in the Hunterdon County Court at Flemington,
Jan. 31, 1935.



Truckman testifies at Hauptmann trial. Theron J. Main, truckman of Warsaw, New York, pictured as
he appeared at Flemington, New Jersey, Feb. 6th, when he testified at the trial of Bruno Richard
Hauptmann at the Hunterdon County courthouse. Main, testified that Isidor Fisch, whom he
claimed he identified from newspaper pictures exhibited gold bills to him during a visit to
New York City, in August 1933.



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