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Dale Shawn HAUSNER





Dale Hausner police photo.



Hausner's arrest.



On the afternoon of Aug. 4, Hausner is led out of police headquarters in Phoenix and taken to jail.
(12 News)



Dale Hausner, one of two suspects in a 14-month spree of shootings in the Valley,
appears in court Sept. 25 for a brief pre-trial. conference.
(Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic)



Samuel Dieteman, the other suspect, also makes an appearance Sept. 25. The men,
who were arrested Aug. 3, have not been connected to all 37 shootings police
believe are linked as the "Serial Shooter" cases.
(Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic)



Hausner is led to a news conference Aug. 7 at Fourth Avenue Jail. The only reason
he was in jail, he said, was because he had allowed his co-defendant, Dieteman,
to live with him for about five weeks.
(Nick Oza/The Arizona Republic)



Hausner is seen during his initial court appearance the evening of Aug. 4 in Phoenix.
(Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic)



Dieteman stands for his booking mug shot Aug. 4 at the Maricopa County
Sheriff's Office's Madison Street Jail in Phoenix.
(Matt York/Associated Press)



Dieteman, 30, is shown in police custody.
(12 News)



The suspects in the case, Hausner and Dieteman, are tied to arson fires at two Glendale
Wal-Mart stories in June. Glendale fire investigators earlier released surveillance
camera photos and identified these men as being responsible for setting the fires.
(Glendale Fire Department)



Suspect Dale Hausner, in an undated photo, worked as a photojournalist.



In a photo taken from his Web site, Hausner is shown with Mike Tyson in an undated photo.



Dale Hausner is shown here in this undated photo, wearing a tuxedo and flashing a thumbs up.



In the morning of Aug. 4, a police official is shown with guns taken
from an apartment at Windscape Apartments in Mesa.
(12 News)



A tow truck appeared at the apartments about 4 a.m., and about a half hour later
a silver, later-model Toyota Camry was towed away.
(David Wallace/The Arizona Republic)



An ATF agent works the scene Friday morning. Police said authorities identified the pair,
whom they say are friends, on July 31 and that the arrests occurred the night of
Aug. 3 after the pair "presented themselves."
(David Wallace/The Arizona Republic)



"These are the two monsters we have been hunting, and I promise you and our colleagues
promise you, we are not finished," Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said.
(Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic)



Dale Hausner at his own murder trial



Serial Shooter Dale Hausner testifies in his own murder trial, just weeks before a jury
convicted him of six murders and 74 other crimes in a year-long killing spree.



Dale Hausner



Serial killer Dale Hausner reminds jurors how many murders they found him guilty on two
weeks ago. The statements came just before he asked them to sentence him to death.
(Pool photo by Pat Shannahan)



Dale Hausner



Dale Hausner waits during his sentencing hearing in Maricopa County
Superior Court in Phoenix. March 27, 2009.



Dale Hausner prison photo.



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