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William George HEIRENS




The murders


Josephine Ross

On June 5, 1945, 43-year-old Josephine Ross was found dead in her apartment;
she had been repeatedly stabbed, and her head was wrapped in a dress.


Josephine Ross with her daughter.



An illustration of the crime in the Tribune.



Francis Brown

On December 11, 1945, Francis Brown was discovered stabbed to death in her apartment
after a cleaning woman heard a radio playing loud and noted Brown’s door partly open.


Frances Brown



The killer jumped from the fire escape to her window.



The killer bathed her dead body.



On a wall next to her bed, police found something that has since become legendary. 
Written in the victim's lipstick were the words:

For heavens sake
catch me before I kill more.
I cannot control myself.



Suzanne Degnan

On January 7, 1946, six-year-old Suzanne Degnan was discovered missing from her bedroom.


Suzanne Degnan



The FBI was able to lift a fingerprint off the ransom note.



The window where the kidnapper entered.



Body parts were found in sewers.



The severed head of Suzanne Degnan was found in this catch basin behind 5900 N. Kenmore Ave.



The "Murder Room" at 5901 N. Winthrop Ave.



The laundry tub where little Suzanne was butchered.



The killer must have walked more than a mile carrying the body and body parts.



Her arms were found in late February in a catch basin behind 5701 N. Broadway.



Investigators find dismembered body parts of 6-year-old Suzanne Degnan
in a sewer south of her Edgewater home.

(Photo by Matthew Anderson / Images © Chicago Sun-Times)



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