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Glenn Taylor and Justin HELZER



Brothers Glenn Helzer, left, and Justin Helzer.



Justin Helzer sits in Dept 4 at the Bray Court Building April 30, 2004, during opening statements.
(Dan Rosenstrauch/Contra Costa Times)



Justin Helzer, who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity,
confers with one of his attorneys. May 21, 2004.
(Photo: Mark Costantini/SF Chronicle)



Justin Helzer



Justin Helzer



Glenn Taylor Helzer



Glenn Taylor Helzer, center, leaves a Martinez, Calif. Superior court room after a jury
recommended the death penalty for Helzer on Friday, Dec. 17, 2004, in connection
with the deaths of the daughter of blues guitarist Elvin Bishop and four other people
during a grisly extortion and murder spree in summer 2000. His public
 defender Suzanne Chapot is in foreground.
(AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, Karl Mondon)



Glenn Taylor Helzer



Glenn Taylor Helzer



Brothers Justin Helzer, 29, left, and Glenn Helzer, 31, are led into court for a preliminary
hearing in Martinez, Cailf., Monday Dec. 3, 2001.
(AP Photo/Contra Costa Times, Bob Larson)



An accomplice, Dawn Godman, testified against the brothers in exchange for a prison
 sentence that didn't include the death penalty. She is serving a 37-year sentence.




Gruesome finds: Divers found nine duffel bags in the summer of 2000 conditioning the cut
up remains of Ivan and Annette Stineman and Selina Bishop.





The victims


Ivan Stineman (left) and his wife, Annette (right), were murdered and dismembered by their
former stockbroker, Taylor Helzer, as part of a plot to extort $100,000 from them.



Selina Bishop




Jennifer Villarin, 45 (Selina Bishop's mother), and her boyfriend James Gamble, 54.



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