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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Revenge - Wrongly believed his ex-girlfriend had given him a viral disease
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: September 7, 2001
Date of birth: 1966
Victims profile: Esperanza Martinez, 80; Ricardo Calderon, 12, and Shantal Rios, 4 (relatives of his ex-girlfriend)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Simi Valley, California, USA
Status: Committed suicide by shooting himself the same day

On September 7, 2001, a man in Simi Valley, California, allegedly shot and killed three relatives of an ex-girlfriend because he wrongly believed the woman had given him a viral disease.

Reynaldo Herrera Rodriguez, 35, allegedly entered his ex-girlfriend's home through a garage door and shot five family members, killing three. The ex, Maria Rios, 24, was not home at the time. Police have launched a statewide manhunt for the murderous civil engineer who worked for the state Transportation Department.

Rios said she casually dated Rodriguez after meeting him at a 2000 New Year's Eve party but told him about five months ago that she didn't want a romantic relationship with him. At one point, she said, he accused her of giving him a virus.

The dead were identified as Rios' grandmother, Esperanza Martinez, 80; her younger brother, Ricardo Calderon, 12; and her daughter, Shantal Rios, 4. Rios' sister, Lucia Vargas, 19, was shot in the abdomen and hand and was in stable condition. Her brother Rigoberto Calderon, 16, was shot in the leg. Another brother, Rafael Calderon Jr., 18, broke a wrist after jumping out a second-story bathroom window.

The manhunt for the gunman accused of killing three members of his ex-girlfriend's family ended in the Los Padres National Forest a day after the killings at a campsite when the suspect killed himself as officers closed in. "I would've much rather for him to stay alive and suffer like we are suffering, but he took his own life and he's not suffering anymore," said Rios, his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend. Rodriguez, apparently drove his SUV into the forest and set up camp there despite the intense manhunt. Campers told rangers he had been in the area begging for water and food. U.S. Forest Service rangers alerted sheriff's deputies after spotting a vehicle that fit the description of his Ford Explorer. The vehicle was parked at the trailhead of a campground near Reyes Peak, about 30 miles north of Ojai.


Simi Valley murder suspect body found in forest

September 8, 2001

SIMI VALLEY, California (CNN) -- Police Friday discovered the body of a man wanted for killing three people in a Simi Valley neighborhood this week.

State park rangers found a rental car hired to Reynaldo Herrera Rodriguez, 35, near Ojai, California, in a remote mountain region northwest of Los Angeles, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Cpt. Ken Cozzens. Officers gave chase to a man seen near the car, but lost him.

A massive search of the Los Padres National Forest turned up the body of a man shot in the head about an hour later.

Officers heard a single shot fired before finding ther victim, and a gun was located next to the body. Police later confirmed the dead man was Rodriguez.

Fifteen units, helicopters and a SWAT team took part in the search.

Rodriguez went to the home of his former girlfriend, Maria Rios, Wednesday and randomly fired at her relatives, said Simi Valley Police Sgt. Bob Gardner. Rios was not home at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses told police Rodriguez was last seen driving a rented dark blue 2002 Ford Explorer. A 2000 Toyota model registered to Rodriguez was discovered in a parking lot early Friday.

The carnage began Wednesday afternoon when Rodriguez entered the open garage of the home and fired a handgun, hitting Rios' brother, Rigo Calderon, 16, police said.

The boy was treated for a gunshot wound to his right thigh and released.

The suspect then entered the home "and fired at all occupants he encountered," killing Esperanza Martinez, 80, the grandmother of Rios, her brother Ricardo Calderon, 12, and her daughter, Shantal Rios, 4, the police report said.

Rios' sister, Lucia Vargas, 19, suffered two gunshots wounds, one to her abdomen and one to her left hand. She remained hospitalized Friday in stable condition at Simi Valley Hospital.

Rios' brother, Rafael Calderon Jr., 18, suffered a sprained ankle when he jumped from a second-story bathroom window.

The home belongs to Rios' parents, Ana and Rafael Calderon, who were not home during the shooting.

Police are investigating a motive for the deadly rampage.



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