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William Edward HICKMAN



William Edward Hickman at the Pendleton, Oregon, jail in January 1928. On left is Tom Gurdans,
Chief of Police; center, Hickman; on right, Buck Lieuwallen, Sergeant, State Traffic Police



Traffic sergeant Buck Lieuallan, who captured William Edward Hickman in Echo, Oregon.



Lom Gurdane, veteran "old west" police chief of Pendleton, Oregon,
who captured William Edward Hickman at the point of a gu



Tom B. Gurdane, captor in Oregon of William Edward Hickman, awaiting a verdict in his suit
against the city of Los Angeles for the $10,000 reward offered for Hickman's capture



Oregon police officials who captured William Edward Hickman: Chief of Police J. B. Gurdane
and C. L. "Buck" Lieuallen in Los Angeles for his trial



Mr. and Mrs. C. L. "Buck" Lieuallen. He told in court on January 28, 1931, how he and T. B. Gurdane
had captured William Edward Hickman, slayer of Marian Parker, after a sensational chase in Oregon.
The city of Los Angeles had refused to pay the reward because Mayor Cryer signed the ordinance
for it after the capture.
Thus the two had to sue the city



William Edward Hickman's hands in handcuffs.



Detective D.W. Longuevan, left, talking with Pilot R. M. Lloyd just before taking off
from Clover field on December 11, 1927, to fly to Sacramento and on to Salem,
Oregon, for William Edward Hickman



Telegram sent by William Edward Hickman to Perry M. Parker regarding his daughter, Marian.
It was signed by her and by "George Fox."



Ransom note



A set of fingerprints of William Edward Hickman, taken on June 14, 1927, when he was
a forgery suspect. Police used these to identify him in the Parker case



Handwritten confession of William Edward Hickman.



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