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William Edward HICKMAN



All 3 pictures show William Edward Hickman in the middle of groups of lawyers, judges, etc.
at his indictment for the murder of Marian Parke



"Fox" Hickman at the end of the trail of crime. This photo was taken on December 27, 1927, when
he was jailed at Pendleton, Oregon, and admitted kidnapping and murdering Marian Parke



Both pictures show William Edward Hickman standing with others, probably lawyers, etc.
in his court suit preparing for the courtroom appearance. The picture on the right
has him in front of a prison door.



Murderer William Edward Hickman on trial for the murder of 12-year-old Marion Parker.



William Edward Hickman in his jail cell.



Confessed murderer William Edward Hickman in jail.



Murderer William Edward Hickman facing sentence for the murder of Marian Parker
on February 13, 1928. He is shown smiling as he reads in the transcript of trial
testimony the story of his crime.



William Edward Hickman, the confessed murderer of Marian Parker, brought back
to Los Angeles December 27, 1927, to face the death sentence as punishment
for his crime, which he admitted he committed alone and unaide



"The Fox," William Edward Hickman, hanged on February 4, 1928, before a
standing-room-only crowd of 400. On the first attempt the rope snapped,
and he had to go through the gruesome ordeal a second time





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