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Sadamichi HIRASAWA



Sadamichi Hirasawa



Sadamichi Hirasawa



Shiina-Machi branch of the Teikoku Bank.



Crime scene



Ten of the victims died at the scene (one was a child of an employee)
and two others died while hospitalized.






Japanese police made the montage picture of the criminal, but his face was clearly not similar to Hirasawa.



Criminal case



Murder weapons



Pipette used in the crime.



Shige Tomo, investigator expert in cyanide poisoning.



Sadamichi Hirasawa being arrested in his hometown of Otaru (Hokkaido), 1948.



Hirasawa arrested.



During the heat wave was escorted by train body wrapped in a blanket.



Hirasawa, left, in the Metropolitan Police Department.



Sadamichi Hirasawa



Photos published in the newspaper of costumed criminal.



After police interrogation which allegedly involve torture, Hirasawa confessed,
 but he recanted soon after.



Hirasawa plead not guilty at the beginning of the first instance trial.



Hirasawa in a court of first instance.



Hirasawa during the psychiatric examination at trial.



Sadamichi Hirasawa



Sadamichi Hirasawa in Court.



Sadamichi Hirasawa



Sadamichi Hirasawa death sentence.



Sadamichi Hirasawa in Tokyo high court.



Hirasawa in prison



米寿 (beiju, 88 years old), a self-portrait by Sadamichi Hirasawa
on the occasion of his 88th birthday.



Hirasawa dead.



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