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Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Jealousy - Army captain
Number of victims: 10
Date of murders: September 21, 1959
Date of birth: 1930
Victims profile: Men, women and children
Method of murder: Shooting (two rifles)
Location: Nantou City, Taiwan
Status: Committed suicide by shooting himself in the head the same day

The Nantou shooting was a mass murder that occurred in Nantou City, Taiwan on September 21, 1959, when 29-year-old army captain Li Hsing-ju killed ten people and wounded four others, before committing suicide.


Li had fallen in love with 19-year-old Lu Mu-sheng, who rejected his advances and became engaged with her neighbour Yu Chuang Sheng, while he was stationed on the Quemoy islands. When Li returned home Lu introduced him to another girl, proposing that he should marry her instead.

Lu Mu-sheng and Yu Chuang Sheng were about to get married on the day of the shooting.


In the early hours of September 21, at approximately 2 a.m., Li broke into the house of Lu Mu-sheng and her family, carrying with him two rifles. He fatally shot Lu's father, her 10-year-old sister, her two brothers, aged 14 and 6 years, as well as her 30-year-old fiance with a semi-automatic rifle, and then dragged her outside and critically wounded her with shots to the chest and leg.

Li also fired at two neighbours who came to investigate, killing one and wounding the other, and subsequently entered a second-storey apartment 50 yards away, where the girl, Miss Lu had introduced him to, lived together with her family. There he killed the girl's parents, her brother, and one of her sisters, and wounded herself and another sister of hers. When police arrived at the scene and asked him to surrender, Li committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.


Jealous Army Captain Massacres 10

The Straits Times

September 22, 1959

A jealous Nationalist Army Captain armed with two rifles shot his way through two houses yesterday, killing 10 relatives and friends of the girl who spurned his love.

Captain Li Hsing-Ju, 29, a veteran of Quemoy, then shot himself  in the head.

His victims included the girl's fiance whom she was to have married today.

The Captain dragged the girl who rejected his love, Miss Lu Mu-Sheng, 19, from her house and shot her in the chest an leg. Doctors described he condition as critical.

Li killed four members of her family and four relatives of a girl whom Miss Lu wanted him to marry.

The 10th victim was a neighbour.

He seriously wounded four people.

Nationalist military officials privately expressed serious alarm over the massacre because of its possible affect on the morale of troops and civilians.

Became engaged

Miss Lu became engaged to a neighbour after the Captain, who had meet her while she was in High School, left Formosa to serve on the Quemoy Islands.

Military officials are also concerned over soldier-civilian relations because of the large number of troops in Formosa. Captain Li broke into Miss Lu's house in Nantou, central Formosa, at 2a.m. while the family slept on the night before the scheduled wedding.

He carried, fully loaded, rifles in each hand.

One by one, emptying first a semiautomatic-rifle, he killed the girl's father, her 14-year-old brother, her 10-year-old sister, her six-year-old brother, and her fiance, Yu Chuan Sheng, 30.

Dragged girl

He dragged the girl outside, critically wounding her, and the shot and killed a neighbour and wounded another who came to investigate.

The Captain then climbed into a nearby second-storey apartment in which lived the family of a girl Miss Lu had introduced him to for the purpose of matrimony.

There he killed the mother, father and a teenaged son and daughter and wounded two other daughters, including his potential wife.

Police surrounded the second death house and shouted they would throw tear gas grenades if the Captain did not come out with his hands in the air. He then shot himself.



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