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Lendell HUNTER





Classification: Murderer?
Characteristics: Serial rapist - Robberies
Number of victims: 0 - 1 +
Date of murder: February 1975
Date of arrest: July 31, 1975
Date of birth: 1953
Victim profile: Irene DeQausie, 78
Method of murder: Beating
Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Status: Sentenced to three consecutives life sentences for rapes in January 1972. Escaped in December 1974. Arrested on July 31, 1975

In the early 1970's Lendell Hunter shocked Augusta, Georgia, a city that has had several serial killings and rapists since 1970, with a string of violent rapes, for example, Hunter entered a suburban home of a prominent Augusta couple and found their 31-year-old daughter asleep. Using a table leg, Hunter smashed the daughter's head several times and then raped her. The victim lost her vision from this incident, but they restored her vision after she had brain surgery a year later.

Hunter attacked and kidnaped another woman and took her from her home at knife point. He raped her and then for some unknown reason allowed her to go free. In October of 1971 Hunter was arrested and charged with fifteen felonies, including rapes, burglaries, aggravated assaults and kidnaping. 

In January of 1972 Hunter was given a sentence of three consecutive lives for the rapes and ninety-five years for the other charges. He was eighteen years old when he was sent to Alto prison. There his I.Q. was tested and found out that he had an I.Q. of 114. 

In December of 1974 Hunter escaped Alto Prison. In February of 1975 a 78-year-old woman, Mrs. Irene DeQausie was robbed and beat to death in her home and her 12-year-old grandson was savagely beaten while he slept. Police found Hunter's fingerprints at the crime scene and Launched an intensive search. F.B.I. put Hunter on their "Ten Most Wanted List" in June of 1975. In August of that year Hunter was arrested in Des Moines, Iowa. 

In 1983 Hunter was in the news again when he stabbed two prison guards while being escorted to his shower. Both guards survived the incident.


Lendell Hunter



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