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Preston Craig HUGHES III


Crime Scene Photos


Preston Hughes III's Apartment








When Sgt. Gafford came to talk with Preston, he made a note in his report about seeing
a pair of silver rim eyeglasses on the couch but at that time he gave little thought
 about them. Wonder why Officer Hale didn't list the eyeglasses, later identified as
belonging to the female victim, along with the other items he turned into the HPD
property division? Is it possible the eyeglasses were planted?



Even in this close-up of Preston's couch, it is difficult to identify the object between the
couch cushions as eyeglasses belonging to the female victim. Wonder where the "blood"
is that was on these eyeglasses when introduced at trial? Wonder where the photo
is showing these eyeglasses at the scene of the crime?



This is the knife and sheath seized from Preston's apartment. The knife was tested,
not in the lab, but in the courtroom before the judge, the prosecuting and defense
 lawyers just before the "forensic expert" was to testify. The "rumored" results -
positive for animal blood not human blood and the judge allowed the knife to be
introduced at trial as the murder weapon.



The items of interest in this photo are the maroon shirt and the small clear plastic bag
containing a green leafy substance. The maroon shirt was listed with the items that
Officer Hale original collected from Preston's apartment but the green leafy substance
showed up later just like the eyeglasses.



Officer Hale seized two navy blue shirts from Preston's apartment. One was sent to the
crime lab for testing. Again the crime lab found blood but not enough to determine
if human blood and not enough to type. Another "no brainer".



What happened to the sheet on Preston's bed? It was never turned into the HPD property division.
It was stained with fresh semen. Did Sgt. Gafford contaminate the vaginal swab from the
female victim when he hand-delivered the swab to the crime lab.



These blue jeans were sent to the crime lab the be tested for blood of the victims.

The crime lab found blood but not enough to determine if human blood and not
enough to type.  It would seem to be a "no brainer" that if these blue jeans
were worn by the murder, there would be blood all over them.



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