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James Warren JONES







Temple members were promised utopia at the Jonestown agricultural commune. Instead,
they labored in the fields and were subjected to suicide drills. Those who questioned
Jim Jones' authority were punished.
(UPI / The Chronicle, File 1978)











Seventeen-year-old Deborah Layton was among the more than 1,000 followers who
moved to Jones' Guyana jungle compound. Layton fled and went public with her story.
(Vincent Maggiora / The Chronicle)



San Mateo congressman Leo Ryan went to Jonestown in Nov. 1978 to probe allegations
that the jungle colony was run by a madman. Ryan was accompanied by reporters
and relatives of Jonestown residents.
(Susan Ehmer / The Chronicle)



S.F. Examiner photographer Greg Robinson was among the journalists
who went on the fact-finding mission with Leo Ryan.
(Ron Javers / The Chronicle)



This photo by Greg Robinson, later slain at the Guyana airstrip, shows Jim Jones (center)
listening as the Parks family tell him they want to leave Jonestown.
(Greg Robinson / SF Examiner / Bancroft Library)



On Nov. 18, 1978, Leo Ryan and his delegation were about to leave Guyana when they were ambushed at an airstrip by Jonestown gunmen. Ryan, a member of the Parks family, S.F. Examiner photographer Greg Robinson, and two NBC reporters were killed. Tim Reiterman of the S.F. Examiner, who was wounded in the attack, took this photo with Robinson's camera.
(Tim Reiterman / SF Examiner / Bancroft Library)



NBC reporter Don Harris (left) and S.F. Examiner photographer Greg Robinson (right) were
filmed by NBC cameraman Robert Brown just minutes before all three were killed.
(NBC / Chronicle File 1978)



Leo Ryan's 28-year-old aide, Jackie Speier, was shot and wounded. "I was lying on
the ground by one of the plane's wheels, pretending to be dead," she recalled
in a 1988 interview with the Chronicle.
(Associated Press File Photo)



The killings at the airport were begun by Larry Layton, in the unbuttoned shirt, above. Though Layton was known to be a Jones loyalist, he insisted on joining Ryan and his group shortly before they headed to the airstrip, saying he wanted to return to the U.S. as well. Once inside the plane, he produced a gun and started shooting. He was joined moments later by members of Jones' Red Brigade security team. Of all the gunmen, only Layton was convicted for the murders.



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