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Andrew Philip KEHOE




Bath Consolidated School before the disaster.



Bath Consolidated School after the bombing.



Andrew P. Kehoe



Andrew P. Kehoe and wife.



Five hundred and four pounds of unexploded pyrotol that was taken out of the basement of the unwrecked portion of the school by two state troopers, Lieutenant McNaughton, and Halderman, Lieutenant Lyle W. Morse, assistant chief of the secret service department of public safety, and Paul Lefke, assistant chief of the Lansing Fire Department. This dynamite was divided up into eight different charges in different sections of the basement.



These are the eight caps that were supposed to set off the five hundred and four
pounds of explosives that are shown on another page. If this had worked,
as planned, there wouldn't have been much left of Bath.



This is a portion of the alarm clock and wiring that was found in the school. The glass container
with the spark plug arrangement was taken out of the chicken coop on the Kehoe farm.



A close-up of the arrangement Kehoe had in his chicken coop. The bottle was filled with gasoline and turned up in the can. A buzzer was arranged with a spark plug and wire running to the house where he must have had a battery. He must have used this kind of an arrangement in all his other buildings as there were wires running from the house to all of them; practically all of the buildings started at the same time.



The nurses giving first aid to the injured on the school ground.



Andrew and Nellie Kahoe's house before the disaster.
This was Kehoe's home before it was destroyed by him. This house was finished in oak
throughout and was equipped with a furnace; lighting plant, and pressure tanks that
furnished hard and soft water on all three floors.



The remains of Kahoe's house after the explosion.



Rear view of the school building after the explosion.



As the school was when the rescuers got through getting the bodies out.



All that was left of Kehoe's car after it blew up in the street, killing himself, the superintendent, Mr. Huyck, Glenn O. Smith, Nelson McFarren, and a little boy, Cleo Claton, and injuring several others. It damaged much property. There is a house on the corner of the school and not far from where Kehoe's car set that was nearly ruined by burrs, bolts, and scrap iron being driven through it. There was considerably damaged done to the nearby houses and it took over a thousand dollars to replace the windows that were broken by the two explosions.



What was left of Eddy Drumheller's car that was parked near Kehoe's.



A car that stood some distance from Kehoe's.



The location of Nellie Kehoe's body was found.
Where Mrs. Kehoe's charred body was found the morning following the catastrophe.
Thousands of people passed by it on the previous day, but not thinking of finding
her in any such place, lay there unnoticed.



Kehoe's last message wrapped inside one of the farm's fences.



The ruined farm implements that were left where the tool shed once stood.
Kehoe had implements and tools enough, if sold, to pay off the mortgage
he had on the farm.



Rescuers still at work in the wreckage.



Showing the rear of the school.



Clean-up crew at the ruins of Bath Consolidated School.



Plaque at the entrance of Bath School Memorial Park.



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