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Edward "Ned" KELLY



Irish-Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, age fifteen, c. 1870.
(National Museum of Australia-Canberra)



Portrait of Ned Kelly taken by the Police Photographer at Pentridge
after Ned's transfer from the Beechworth Gaol in 1873.
(State Library of Victoria)



Ned Kelly



Ned Kelly the day before his execution
(National Archives of Australia)



8000 pound reward notice for the capture of the Ned Kelly gang, 15 February 1879.



Murder of Sherritt
(State Library of Victoria)



Dan Kelly's and Steve Hart's armour recovered from the hotel after it was burnt.
(State Library of Victoria)



Photograph taken on 5 July 1880 of a policeman equipped in the Kelly armour.
(State Library of Victoria)



Sgt Steele and railway guard Dowsett captures Ned Kelly.



Shows the burnt remains of the Jones's Hotel, the scene of the final confrontation
between Ned Kelly and the Victorian Police. A sign still stands: "The Glenrowan
Inn, Ann Jones, best accommodation".



Drawing of Sgt Steele, the man who captured Ned Kelly.



The trial of Ned Kelly, wood engraving, published in The Illustrated Australian news, Melbourne,
David Syme and Co. November 6, 1880.



"Ned Kelly in the Dock - A Scene from Life" Ned Kelly in the dock during his trial.
Wood engraving published in The Illustrated Australian News.



Ned Kelly's death mask, in the Old Melbourne Gaol.



Ned Kelly's armor, from an illustration dated 1880.



Kelly gang armour on display at Old Melbourne Gaol. Ned Kelly's apron is on the far right,
and Ned's helmet, breastplate and rifle is 3rd from the left.



Ned Kelly's armour on display in the State Library of Victoria.
The apron, and one shoulderplate are not Ned's and comes from either Dan Kelly's
or Steve Hart's armour.





Portraits of Constable Lonigan, Sergeant Kennedy, Constable Scanlon,
murdered by the Kelly gang in the Wombat foreat.



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