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William Kemmler



Tillie Zeigler (Kemmler's victim)



Kemmler in his cell.
(From a photograph taken for the Herald by Mrs. Durston)



The Warden reading the death warrant.



Going to the Death Chamber.











Yes, he is ded.



The Switchboard.

AA—Dynamo wire. BB—Wire to connect with Kemmler's head and base of spine. C—Goes
on top of Kemmler said. D—Single button to dynamo room. E—Voltmetre register.
F—Resistance box. G—Lamp board and register. H—Lamp switch. I—Main switch, by
handle of which execution or will connect current.







The first electric chair, which was used to execute William Kemmler in 1890.



Thomas Edison was a backer of direct current power supplies, and it is speculated
he wanted to use the publicity surrounding the electric chair to convince people
that AC was dangerous.



Harold Pitney Brown invented the electric chair for Thomas Edison in order to discredit AC.



George Westinghouse, one of the backers of alternating current as the standard for the distribution
of main power,
later commented: "They would have done better using an axe."




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