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Edmund Emil KEMPER III






August 24, 1964

Maude M. Hughey Kemper, 66 years-old, Edmund Kemper's grandmother


Edmund Emil Kemper, Sr., 72 years-old, Edmund Kemper's grandfather


Kemper was 15 when he killed for the first time. His victims were his father's parents.
Maude was shot and stabbed, Edmund Sr. was shot in the head.




May 7, 1972

Mary Anne Pesce, 18 years-old


Anita Luchessa also 18 years-old

They were going to Stanford University, no more than an hours drive away. Ed Kemper parked on a dirt road and told the girls he was taking them back to his apartment, then murdered them in the car.

Knowing his flat mate was out he took the bodies, wrapped in blankets, to his room, where he dismembered them, taking photographs from time to time.

He beheaded Mary Ann's and Anita’s body and kept the heads for a while, eventually disposing them in a ravine. Mary Ann was found and identified, nothing of Anita was ever found.




September 14, 1972


Aiko Koo 15 years-old

He taped her mouth and tried to suffocate her. Eventually he succeeded in this which caused Aiko to loose consciousness. Then he removed her from the car, laid her on the ground and raped her. Afterwards he suffocated her with her scarf and put the body back into the trunk.

Now and then he would look at the corpse in his trunk to gaze at his conquest, later he placed her on his bed and dissected her like he did with his previous victims. Very little of Aiko was ever found.

Her Head was in his car when he drove to Fresco for a meeting with a couple of court psychiatrists. They were so pleased with his progress that they recommended his juvenile record be sealed.




January 8, 1973

Cindy Schall, 19 years-old

Edmund drove her into the hills near Watsonville, where he forced her into the trunk and shot her with his new gun. He moved the body to his duplex in Aptos where he had a room at that time.

He had sexual intercourse with the corpse the next morning. Again he dissected her and removed all possible evidende from the corpse (he removed the bullets from her skull and buried the head in his mothers backyard.)




February 5, 1973

Rosalind Thorpe, 23 years-old


Alice Liu, 21 years-old




April 20, 1972

Clarnell Strandberg (his mother) 50+ years-old


Sara Hallett (mother's friend) 50+ years-old

Ed drove to Aptos to see his mother. She had gone out straight from work, so Ed sat drinking and watching TV. She finally turned up around 4 a.m. He talked to her briefly, then returned to his bed and lay there till around five, when he was sure she was asleep.

He crept in with a claw hammer and a penknife, watched her sleep for a while, then brought the hammer down on her temple with all the force he could muster. He then slit her throat, removed her head, and raped her headless corpse before cleaning up.

Afterwards he phoned Sally Hallet, a women in her late fifties, who was a friend of his mother. Luring her to the house he then murdered and beheaded her before going to bed.



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