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Dr. Sohrab Aslam KHAN





Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Thrill-klller of male victims in random shootings
Number of victims: 13
Date of murders: November-December, 1986
Date of arrest: December 11, 1986
Date of birth: 1944
Victims profile: Men
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Status: Unknown

A Pakistani-born physician, Sohrab Khan obtained his medical training in the United States, specializing in cardiology. In the 1970's, he served as a fellow at Baylor University Medical Center Hospital in Dallas, Texas, returning to his native city of Lahore in 1981. 

Whatever homicidal fantasies were cultivated in his mind, Khan managed to conceal them through the fall of 1986, until, at forty-two, he lapsed into a month-long homicidal binge and slaughtered thirteen victims. 

Four of those were gunned down on the evening of November 13, as Khan cruised Mall Road on a motorcycle, randomly blasting a dogcatcher, a night watchman, a laborer, and an unidentified transient. A week later, he shot two more night watchmen and a rickshaw driver, dumping their bodies in a canal. Another of his victims was a waiter, shot -- Khan said -- because he moved too slowly with the doctor's order. 

Arrested on December 11, 1986, Khan was charged with thirteen murders and quickly obliged police with confessions in nine of the cases. A search of his home turned up a cache of unlicensed weapons, along with several false passports and sketches of various murder scenes, drawn from memory. 

Dubbing Khan "a maniac or saboteur who killed for the fun of it," Punjab Province Police Chief Sabahuddin Jami declared, "He is a beast, not a human being."

Michael Newton - An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers


Pakistan Charges Doctor Killed 13 For 'Fun Of It'

December 12, 1986

LAHORE, PAKISTAN A Pakistani-born American heart doctor was arrested Thursday on charges of killing 13 people, including a tardy waiter, ''for the fun of it,'' police said.

Sohrab Aslam Khan, 42, a cardiologist who served as a fellow at Baylor University Medical Center Hospital in Dallas in the 1970s, was arrested and charged Thursday in the killings -- all committed in the past month.

A spokesman at Baylor said Khan had taken a two-year program of specialized training.

''He is a beast, not a human being,'' Punjab province Police Chief Sabahuddin Jami told a news conference. He described Khan as a ''maniac or saboteur who killed for the fun of it.''

Khan, a U.S. citizen who returned to Lahore in 1981, has admitted nine of the murders -- four of which were committed during one evening of shootings along Lahore's main thoroughfare, police said.

Police said Khan shot his victims, mainly night watchmen, rickshaw drivers and laborers, with a variety of weapons. A cache of sophisticated unlicensed weapons, false Pakistani passports and sketches of the murder sites were recovered from Khan's home in a suburb, they said.

Police said Khan last killed on Tuesday when he gunned down a pharmacist in a drugstore.

Khan's driver's license was found on a motorcycle at the scene, and police said that led to his arrest.

Khan stalked four of his victims Nov. 13. Circling Lahore's Mall Road on a motorcycle, he killed a dog catcher, an unidentified man, a service station attendant and a night watchman, police said.

The doctor killed again Nov. 20, shooting two night watchmen and a rickshaw driver and dumping their bodies in a canal, police said.

Khan also is charged with killing a hotel waiter who failed to bring his order quickly enough, police said. They did not release details of the other murders.


SEX: M RACE: A TYPE: T MOTIVE: PC-nonspecific

MO: Thrill-klller of male victims in random shootings.

DISPOSITION: Unreported by Pakistani authorities.



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