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Joseph Kibweteere



Joseph Kibweteere



Cult leader Joseph Kibweteere



Credonia Mwerinde, prominent and powerful Ugandan cult leader.





Leading members of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments



Police sift through the belongings of cult members.



Villager lrom Rugazi watches as more bodies are found.



Neighbours watch the bodies exhumed.



The classroom of the children who died in the fire.



Religious icons were found around the movement's compound.



Police put up a sign warning of health hazards near the church.



Police reburied the 153 bodies in a mass grave.





The burnt church in Kanungu was bulldozed to the ground.



The cult's handbook appears to offer few clues over the deaths.



Ugandan have many unanswered questions.



Villagers mask the smell of death with aromatic herbs.



A police officer surveys the burnt-out church.







Hundreds burned to death within Ugandan church.



Unearthing the bodies of the murdered cult members.



Prisoners dig up the corpses.



Workers wore masks to protect against the stench.



Bodies were buried in the priest's garden.



Local prisoners were used to exhume the bodies.



Some victims appeared to have been strangled.





A welcome sign at the cult's compound.



Relatives and friends make their way to the site.



Many began gruesome task of identifying the dead.



Many wailed when confronted by the remains.



Rosemary was used to hide the smell.



Little is left of the community besides religious icons.



Children who attended this school are among the dead.



There is no real hope of identification.



How many died in the remote area may never be known.



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