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Images Taken From Waco: A New Revelation


This is the ruptured propane tank that both the US Govt and the producers of Waco: A New Revelation (WANR) claim to have exploded. The producers of WANR claim that this tank ruptured and exploded just after a demolition charge exploded. They claim that it was planted on the roof of the adjacent concrete structure seen in the background behind the tank.



This is another view of the ruptured tank, concrete structure and another propane tank. This one appears to be in relatively good condition. This "Un-Exploded Tank" didn't move during the entire 51-day siege. It has been located on aerial photos taken on February 28, 1993 and is in the same position shown here. This is the unexploded propane tank mentioned by Gordon Novel in his 1996 AFN radio network interview.



This is an aerial view of the same scene. The ruptured tank is clearly visible as is the concrete structure. One end of the unexploded propane tank is visible.



This is another aerial view of the same scene. In this one, the unexploded propane tank and concrete structure are clearly visible and the ruptured tank is partially obscurred. Note the location of the hole in the roof of the structure and it's relative location to the two propane tanks.



This is an overhead shot of Mt. Carmel. There is a dark spot in the middle of the concrete pad on the ground adjacent to the vaut, which is located at the base of the tower behind the "unexploded" propane tank circled in blue.



This was taken from the rear of Mt. Carmel. Note that the dark spot seen in the previous photo is not visible in this image.



This was taken from the front and side of Mt. Carmel.



Another front shot of Mt. Carmel. Again, the dark spot is not visible in this image.




This next section looks at the aerial FLIR shots of Mt. Carmel in an attempt to locate both propane tanks.



The "unexploded" propane tank is visible in this FLIR image. The location of the ruptured tank shows no distictive shapes.



This is another FLIR image taken while Mt. Carmel was burning. The "unexploded" propane tank is visible, but there is no distinctive shapes in the area of the ruptured tank.



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