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Alec Devon KREIDER



Alec Kreider's picture in the 2007 Manheim Township yearbook.



Alec Devon Kreider



Alec Devon Kreider



In this file photo from June 16, 2007, Alec Devon Kreider, center, is escorted into District Justice David
Miller's office by Manheim Township Police to be arraigned in connection with the fatal stabbings
of a Lancaster couple and their teenage son, in Lancaster in May of 2007.



From right, Manheim Township Chief of Police Neil J. Harkins, D.A. Donald Totaro,
Asst D.A. Craig Stedman at the press conference announcing the arrest of Alec Kreider.
(Dan Marschka, Lancaster Newspapers)





This is the hunting knife Alec Kreider used in the triple murder.



The shoes worn by Kreider left distinctive footprints at the murder scene.
(Lancaster County District Attorney's office)



Kreider's shoe matched bloody footprints found at the scene.



Alec Kreider's hat, with tape over its logo, had Kevin Haines' blood under its bill.



Alec Kreider's glove had Kevin Haines' blood on it.



The Lancaster County District Attorney's office said evidence linking Alec Kreider to the
Haines murders was found in the closet in the teenager's bedroom.
(Lancaster County District Attorney's office)



The site of the triple murder, the Haines family's former home
at 85 Peach Lane in the Blossom Hill neighborhood.





Maggie Haines, the only survivor of Alec Kreider's rampage, calls Kreider "despicable"
in a 10-minute video shown during his sentencing.



The victims


From left: Tom, Lisa and Kevin Haines.



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