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Joachim Georg KROLL







Irmgard STREHL

Killed on 8 february 1955 in Walstedde near Ahlen. Kroll probably took a train to Hamm, and then continued by bus or even on foot.

19 years old, an attractive blond dressed all in green; sporting shoes, coat, shawl and book-case .

She was a runaway from a home in Niedersachsen.

Kroll met her on the road and invited her for a walk in the wood. After some 120m from the road, he tried to kiss her, but she resisted. Then he stabbed her 4 times in the neck. Afterwards he strangled and raped her, then cut her stomach open in the manner of pig-slaughtering, there was no bruising to the genitals and no defense wounds.

She was found 5 days later amidst snow-covered brush beside the road to Herrenstein, eventually in a barn.

A great quantity of sperm was found in the vagina, and also on the abdomen and scattered through the pubic hair. This made police suspect several people.




Killed in 1956 in Kirchellen

12 years old

Strangled and raped.

At his trial, Kroll would not be charged with this murder due to lack of evidence.



Klara Frieda TESMER

Born on 5 august 1934 in Thüringen.

Killed on 16 june 1959 in Rheinwiesen, off the Moerser Straße near the Graf-Spee-bridge over the Rhine River in Rheinhausen.

24-year-old blonde.

17 years later, he would remember that he took her by the arm, but she reacted badly, so he hit her against the head. They both rolled down the side of the road as he tried to undress her. In the fight, he strangled her.

Her naked body was found the next day by 5 boys driving their bicycles for a day out. Gunter K. was last seen with Tesmer in a Duisburg tavern, the 'Schultheiß-Quelle', and later the 'Sonne'. He was arrested, couldn't provide an alibi and found himself locked up. Six months later a final inquest was held and he proved innocent, but it would last until april 1960 before he was released from prison. Today he lives in Northern Germany.



Manuela KNODT

Killed on sunday 26 july 1959 in the city forest of Essen, Bredeney

16 years old

Found naked amongst some bushes.

Strangled and raped, there were no scratches or bruises in the genital area. Slices from her buttocks and thighs were removed.

Kroll not only masturbated over the pubic area, but also over her face and hair as well. Also in this case, the police suspected a gang of young perverts.

Six months after the murder, on 13 february 1960, 24-year-old Horst OTTO walks into the Essen police station and confesses to Manuela's murder. He is promptly arrested, later withdraws his confession, but remains in prison. In march 1961 he is convicted to 8 years. On 28 november 1962 his sentence is reduced to 6 years. He will stay in prison for 5 years, released on 12 april 1965. Today he lives in Essen.



Barbara BRUDER

Killed on 3 september1962 in Burscheid-Klein-Hamberg.

12 years old

Strangled and raped

She was on the way to a playground in Lützenkirchen, but never arrived there. Probably she took a shortcut through the wood in Groß-Hamberg, where Kroll was waiting for her.

Her body has never been found.

At his trial, Kroll has not been charged with this murder, although he confessed to it.




Killed on Easter-monday, 23 april 1962 in a forest outside the town of Dinslaken-Bruckhausen, north of Duisburg

13 years old

Found the next day amongst some bushes.

Strangled with her scarf, raped and partially cut up. Kroll ripped the red dress from her body and then removed both buttocks as well as the left forearm and hand.

Petra was visiting a fair with a friend, and there Kroll probably lured her away and abducted her to carry her outside of town.

Police suspected and arrested minor sex-offender and pedophile Vinzenz KUEHN (52). He was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and psychiatric treatment. He was released after 6 years.



Monika TAFEL

Killed on 4 june 1962 in Walsum.

13 years old

Found on 11 june by a police helicopter in part of a forest outside of the town.

Strangled and raped

Spotted while on the way to school, Kroll dragged her into a rye field, masturbated over her body and cut steaks from her buttocks and the back of her thighs. Pedophile Walter QUICKER (34), an ex-Legionnaire was arrested on indications from witnesses. The police had to let him go due to lack of evidence, but his neighbours continued the prosecution and his wife divorced him. Youths would sneer at him and local shops refused to serve him. On 5 october 1962, Quicker went into the forest outside of town and hung himself from a tree.




Killed on 22 august 1965 in a lovers' lane near a lake in Grossenbaum-Duisburg.

25 years old

Stabbed in the heart twice, he died immediately. Kroll got sight of Rita A., making love to Schmitz in their Volkswagen. He punched a knife through a tire of the car, whereupon Schmitz got out to see what happened, Kroll stabbed him in the chest, turning to the girl. The girl watched in despair her boyfriend collapse and jumped in the driver's seat, disregarding the flat tire, hooted the horn like frantic and drove straight off onto Kroll, who barely managed to turn his heels and make his escape. While Schmitz bled to death in the arms of his girlfriend, the area was swarmed with alarmed drivers but no trace of the mysterious attacker was found.

Kroll's only male victim.




Killed on tuesday, 13 september 1966, around 7.00pm in Foersterbusch park in Marl.

20 years old, with short hair

Found 2 days later, hidden in bushes, naked from the waist down and her legs spread wide apart.

Strangled and raped. She left the Capri ice-cream parlour where she spent 1 1/2 hour with her boyfriend Adolf SCHICKEL (27), then went home through the park.

Kroll: "I saw this woman in the park. She was young, with short hair. I spoke to her and then grabbed her around the neck with my right arm. I dragged her into the bushes and threw her on the ground. I choked her until she stopped moving. Then I took off her pants and her other things and I did it to her. I left her lying there and took the train back to Duisburg. When I got home I was still hot, and I had it with the doll, and did it with my hand a couple of times".

The police arrested Adolf SCHICKEL and questioned him at length, but they had to let him go. The public still considered him guilty and he was chased out of Marl. On 4 january 1967, he drowned himself in the Main River near Wiesbaden.




Killed on 22 december 1966 near Remscheid-Huckeswagen.

5 years old

Strangled, raped and drowned in the Feldbach.

Kroll abducted her in Essen, took her on a city train to Wuppertal, there boarded a bus and got off somewhere in a wooded area where he continued for about 500m down through dense bushes to the ditch named 'Feldbach'. There he wanted to see "how someone drowned".



Gabriele PUETMAN

Attacked on thursday, 22 june 1967 on the way between Grafenwald and Grafenhausen, north of Bottrop. Kroll was living in Grafenwald at the time.

10 years old.

Kroll lured her into a meadow and showed her pornographic pictures. The girl was horrified and tried to run. Kroll started to choke her, but suddenly there were sirens howling all around; the nearby cole-mine had change of shift, and the area was swarmed with miners returning home. Kroll managed to make way without anyone seeing him and didn't realize the girl was still alive.

Puetman's parents never reported the incident to the police, until 9 years later, after the arrest of Kroll.




Killed on 12 july 1969 on the Hardenbergufer of the Baldeneysee in Essen-Werden.

61-year-old pensioner.

Kroll went on a little trip from Duisburg to Essen by train, then took a bus to Werden for a stroll on the banks of the Baldeney-lake. There he encountered Hettgen, and got a 'tickling feeling all over'. He started talking to her but she declined, he hit her, they fell into some bushes where he raped and throttled her.

She was found the next day.



Jutta RAHN

Killed on 21 may 1970 in a patch of wood between Essener Straße and the Hösel Railway-station.

13 years old


Kroll probably noticed her on the train, got off and followed her through the wood, a shortcut to her house.

On 9 june Peter SCHAY is arrested, he's Jutta's neighbour and part-time boyfriend. He spent 15 months in prison before being released due to lack of evidence.




Killed on 8 may 1976 in Dinslaken Voerde, while she was on the way to school

10 years old.

Strangled and raped.

At his trial, Kroll would not be charged with this murder due to lack of convincing details.




Killed on monday, 3 july 1976 in Jockel's apartment, Friesenstraße 11, Laar-district of Duisburg

4 years old.

Her intestins were found blocking the drain of the house, her hand was boiling in a pot on the stove with some carrots and potatoes, while other parts were packed in the freezer for latter concumption..

Abducted the day before, strangled and cut into pieces.

Police searched the neighbourhood after Marion went missing the day before. The complaint of another tenant about the blocked drain brought the investigators into Jockel's apartment.



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