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Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Necrophilia
Number of victims: 8
Date of murders: 1948 - 1952
Date of arrest: January 16, 1952
Date of birth: November 3, 1926
Victims profile: Women and children
Method of murder: Several
Location: Chiba/Tochigi/Shizuoka, Japan
Status: Executed by hanging on October 14, 1959

Genzo Kurita (栗田 源蔵 Genzo Kurita, 1926 - October 14, 1959) was a Japanese serial killer.


Kurita killed two former girlfriends in February 1948. On August 8, 1951, he raped and murdered a 24-year-old woman. He then committed necrophilia with her dead body.

On October 11, 1951, he raped a 29-year-old woman. He threw her, her five-year-old son, her seven-year-old daughter and her two-year-old daughter, from the cliff called Osen Korogashi. Her seven-year-old daughter survived, but her two other children died.

Kurita killed a 63-year-old woman and her 24-year-old niece in January 13, 1952. After the murders, he raped the niece's dead body.

Arrest, trial, and execution

Kurita was arrested in January 16, 1952.

On August 12, 1952, the district court in Chiba sentenced him to death for the last two murders. The district court in Utsunomiya sentenced him to death for six others on December 21, 1953. His appeal was rejected on October 21, 1954, and he was executed in October 14, 1959.


In 1956, the pro-death penalty Ministry of Justice introduced Kurita into a debate about capital punishment in the Diet.


Genzo Kurita



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