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Henry Layer



The kitchen where the hired boy was killed.



Another view of the kitchen. Notice the trapdoor (center) leading to the cellar where
five bodies were found.



The stake in the yard indicating where Jacob Wolf’s body was found. The open doors lead
to the barn where two of the daughters were killed.



The Wolf farm on the day of the funeral, April 28, 1920.



The day of the funeral.



The day of the funeral.



Photo taken during the funeral service.



Photo of family and friends taken after the funeral service.



Jacob and Beatta Wolf



Eight-month old baby Emma, the only member of the Wolf family to survive.

The eight-month old baby girl, Emma, was the only one to survive. She was alone from about
 noon Thursday until about noon Saturday when the bodies were discovered by a neighbor.
She was raised by her mother’s sister, Christina Hofer, and her husband, Emanuel, until
their deaths in the early 1930s. He died in 1932 and she died in 1933. Emma continued
to live on their farm with three of their children.

During her high school years in Turtle Lake, she stayed with Emil and Vera Haas, who were
appointed her legal guardians after the death of her aunt and uncle. She worked at their
general store through high school, and then attended Minot State College and
obtained a teaching certificate.

She married Clarence Hanson on September 29, 1940. They had three children: Priscilla,
Curtis and Sheila. She died October 16, 2003, at the age of 84. Her husband, Clarence,
died in February of 2009.



The Wolf family gravesite in the 1920s.




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