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John Doyle LEE



John Doyle Lee



John Doyle Lee



John Doyle Lee



John Doyle Lee



John Doyle Lee



Map depicting Mountain Meadows and surrounding region in 1857, showing path of
Old Spanish Trail



Map of the Meadows
by Josiah F. Gibbs



A emigrant group traveling from Arkansas, known as the Fancher party, was camped
in an area of Southern Utah known as the Mountain Meadows.



An Illustration of the Mountain Meadows massacre, from a seminal 1873
history of the Mormons by T.B.H. Stenhouse



The cover of the August 13, 1859 issue of Harper's Weekly illustrating the killing field as described by Brevet Major Carleton "one too horrible and sickening for language to describe. Human skeletons, disjointed bones, ghastly skulls and the hair of women were scattered in frightful profusion over a distance of two miles." "the remains were not buried at all until after they had been dismembered by the wolves and the flesh stripped from the bones, and then only such bones were buried as lay scattered along nearest
the road".



Isaac C. Haight-Battalion Commander-died 1886 Arizona.



Maj. John H. Higbee, said to have shouted the command to begin the killings.
He claimed that he reluctantly participated in the massacre and only to bury
the dead who he thought were victims of an "Indian attack."



Philip Klingensmith, a Bishop in the church and a private in the militia. He participated in the killings,
and later turned state's evidence against his fellows, after leaving the church.



Historians debate the role of Brigham Young in the massacre. Young was theocratic leader
of the Utah Teritory at the time of the massacre.



On the far left is William Bishop, lead attorney for John Lee (center of picture) in his second trial.  Next to Bishop is Jacob Boreman, the presiding judge in the trial.  To Boreman's right is Enos Hodge, and to Hodge's right is Wells Spicer.  Hodge and Wells were also part of Lee's defense team.  The man on the far right is unidentified.



Photograph of Lee (seated next to the coffin) just prior to his execution.



Execution of John D. Lee





Old marker at Mountain Meadows, c. 1900



Mountain Meadows monument at burial site for some victims







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