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Marc Lepine



An injured person is wheeled away from Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique on Dec. 6, 1989
after gunman Marc Lepine opened fire at the university.
 (Shaney Komulainen/Canadian Press)



Exterior of École Polytechnique de Montréal.



The third floor classroom in the École Polytechnique in which the attack ended.



Monique Lepine answers questions from Canwest reporter during an interview
in Quebec city, Oct. 23, 2008





Memorial plate on the side of École Polytechnique.



Geneviève Bergeron (b. 1968), civil engineering student.



Hélène Colgan (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.



Nathalie Croteau (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.



Barbara Daigneault (b. 1967) mechanical engineering student.



Anne-Marie Edward (b. 1968), chemical engineering student.



Maud Haviernick (b. 1960), materials engineering student.



Maryse Laganière (b. 1964), budget clerk in the École Polytechnique's finance department.



Maryse Leclair (b. 1966), materials engineering student.



Anne-Marie Lemay (b. 1967), mechanical engineering student.



Sonia Pelletier (b. 1961), mechanical engineering student.



Michèle Richard (b. 1968), materials engineering student.



Annie St-Arneault (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.



Annie Turcotte (b. 1969), materials engineering student.



Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz (b. 1958), nursing student.



Memorial in Minto Park, Ottawa.



Marker of Change, memorial consisting of 14 coffin-like benches
in Vancouver by artist Beth Alber





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