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Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Robbery - Alcohol
Number of victims: 8
Date of murder: May 30, 1999
Date of arrest: June 6, 1999
Date of birth: 1963
Victims profile: Women migrant workers, aged between 17 to 24
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Beijing, China
Status: Executed July 21, 1999

Zhao Lianrong

July 2, 1999

A Chinese court sentenced a man to death for brutally stabbing to death eight young women in one night. Zhao Lianrong, 36, who lived next door to the victims in Beijing, was drunk and slipped through a dormitory window in the pre-dawn hours of May 30 to rob them. When one woke up, saw Zhao and screamed, he stabbed the her about 100 times.

The women, aged between 17 to 24, were migrant workers from the southeastern province of Fujian and the eastern province of Zhejiang.

Zhao, a married worker with a five-year-old child, had no history of violent behaviour and was an introvert and good citizen. Zhao apologised to the victims' families in court. The killings in Beijing's western Shijingshan district rocked the capital and sparked a manhunt that netted Zhao on June 6.


Zhao Lianrong

July 21, 1999

The Beijing Evening News reported the execution in Beijing of Chinese rampage killer Zhao Lianrong, who stabbed eight women migrant workers to death in the pre-dawn hours of May 30.


Zhao Lianrong

His name is Zhao Lianrong, he said he loved martial arts, he said he basically Jin Yong's books read. He also particularly like to watch martial arts and shooting films, which respected the concept of aesthetic violence and specific behavior patterns of thinking deeply attracted to him.

He has no bad record, no criminal record, good work until the last minute before the incident, his reputation has always been a quite good one. His wife said he told her: Yellow card-inch television, there has been no vcd machine and heart.

Zhao Lianrong have a special hobby, with the knife he had a difficult to let go of the emotions. Knife when he was talking about, and looked very focused, very soft tone. He said he had a habit of knife. Demanding his knife, and very professional. Committing the crime that put the fruit knife with which he also sharpened, is this the day of the cut applied to the knife cut apples pears but in eight young girl who left a 120 trauma.

May 30, 1999 at 3 pm, Zhao Lianrong to extract money, gloves, holding a knife, take off your shoes with socks, jumped from the windowsill outside the home to the dormitory next door to the balcony of women workers, and sneaked into the south house, armed with a knife living in this house has stabbed the employee Limei Qi (24 years), Jiang Xue Jin (22 years), MA Yu Wang (17), Wusheng Dan (20 years), Xu Huijuan (20) neck, chest and other parts, killing 5 people carotid artery and vein were punctured and cardiopulmonary causes acute hemorrhagic shock.

Since then, Zhao Lianrong and sneaked into the bedroom of the house north of the employees Xiaomei Fang (22) stab wounds, ran outside after the injury Xiao worked in the downstairs for help, then a knife to kill the Xiao Zhao Lianrong relent, its neck, chest and other parts of the number of knife stabbed, pierced the chest wall caused by Shaw was injured lungs acute hemorrhagic shock.

Later, Zhao Lianrong returned to the scene of the crime dormitory, the door in the living room is calling for help to the employees of the company Sui Flower (21) of the neck, chest, stabbed a few bits knife, causing injuries to the chest wall pierced Chen cardiopulmonary by acute blood loss shock.

At this point, Zhao Lianrong also found in the north side of the bedroom another employee of the company Xue Chu Ying (24 years) want to close escape, then has to break open the door, armed with a knife stabbed Xue of the neck, chest and other parts, caused by Xue pierced the chest wall injuries cardiopulmonary acute hemorrhagic shock.

Since then, Zhao Lianrong that time has been seriously injured, but not of murder and one by one woman who make knives, to kill all of them. Zhao is not at the scene after a continuous search for the money before fleeing the scene.

First trial after the announcement, within the statutory period did not appeal the defendant Zhao Lianrong. Beijing First Intermediate People's according to legal procedures will be submitted to the Beijing High People's case review of death sentences carried out on the authority of the Supreme People's Higher People's approval of the provisions of some death penalty cases, approved by the Beijing Higher People have made the death sentence imposed on Zhao Lianrong ruling.

This case occurred in Beijing since the founding of the largest cases of a vicious murder, Zhao Lianrong to extract money, deliberately unlawful deprivation of life, and the means extremely bad, the plot, the consequences are especially serious harm and great public anger, must be punished.

May 30, 1999 nearly 3 am, the rental in the Shijingshan Hospital Area with Road 23, Unit 1, Building 2, Room 3, the eight foreign girls were killed. Murderer is the middle-aged man who lives next door, Zhao Lianrong.

July 21, 1999 morning, the Beijing First Intermediate People issued in accordance with the Higher People's president ordered the death penalty, has killed eight field About Zhao Lianrong: Zhao Lianrong, male, 36 years old, the second machine tool factory workers in Beijing for suspected intentional homicide in the June 15, 1999 arrest.



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