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Eloy LOY





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Convicted rapist
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: May 9, 1996
Date of birth: 1941
Victim profile: Monique Arroyo, 12 (his niece)
Method of murder: Suffocation
Location: Wilmington, California, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on January 14, 1999
Sentenced: Jan. 14, 1999, age 47

Residence: Wilmington

Crimes: Murder of a child, rape

Date of crimes: May 9, 1996

Location: Wilmington

Victim: Monique Arroyo, 12, Wilmington

Status: On appeal, not briefed

Monique’s death split her family. Some could not believe Loy was responsible for raping and asphyxiating his 12-year-old niece and dumping her body in a Wilmington field.

Loy had two prior rape convictions. One victim was 16. He was deemed a high-risk sex offender. Despite that, family members welcomed him to live in their home.

When Monique, a happy Catholic-school cheerleader, could not be found, Loy did not respond to her parents’ call for help.

Loy’s siblings called Los Angeles police detectives lazy for not looking for any other suspects.

But prosecutors said Loy’s palm print was found on the doorjamb of Monique’s room, a drop of her blood was found inside the trunk of his car and carpet fibers from the vehicle were found on the comforter covering her body.

Loy refused to come to court for his sentencing.


Monique Arroyo

by her father, Jose Gilberto Arroyo

Wednesday, May 8, 1996 was a happy day for Monique because a movie was going to be filmed at our house and the film director had agreed to let her be in the movie.  She was so excited that for five hours she talked on the telephone to her friends and classmates about the good news. 

On Thursday May 9, while I was at work, I received an emergency call from my wife that our daughter had disappeared from the house and that there was a possibility that she had been kidnapped!

I immediately asked myself how can such a dreadful thing happen to my family when just the day before everyone was jumping for joy at the upcoming event and Monique was experiencing what was supposed to be one of the best times of her life!

When I arrived home, the nightmare had begun and all hell was breaking loose.  The police were there asking many questions.  My daughter was not there.  Within a short time, as the alarming news spread, a lot of neighbors, friends and relatives had gathered at our house to look for the twelve-year-old baby of our family.  That afternoon, the television news stations flashed the news of her disappearance.  By then, not only our town was looking for her but half of California was also on the search. 

For the next two days, as the endless hours of searching passed, our pain, fear and frustration intensified to unimaginable levels.  To keep from becoming hysterical, all my family could do in their helpless condition was to cry on each other's shoulders and hug each other because we sensed something evil and very horrible had been done to our Monique. 

As our terror increased, we kept on asking the same questions out loud.  Did she really run away?  Where is she?  Monique, where are you?  What kind of freak weirdo could have taken her?  Or is Monique just playing a trick on us? 

By the third day, the only message that my wife Rosalina could convey to the television news cameras was to tell our daughter, "Monique, if you are alive, please come home right away!....DON'T DO THIS TO US!....I am your mother!....We love you very much!....I want you to be home by tomorrow because it will be Mother's Day!....I want you back by Mother's Day."

On Sunday evening, May 12th, which was Mother's Day, Detective Dickie Simmons brought us the horrifying answer that a young, nude, DEAD female body had been found in an empty dirt lot, that fit Monique's physical description.  Our worst terrifying nightmare was suddenly turned into a sharp sword that finished cutting us up into tiny bits.  Our beautiful little angel had been brutally murdered, mutilated and sexually molested by a heinous monster. 

To make matters even WORSE!, more horrifying pain was inflicted upon us when the investigation indicated who the murderer was.  It was none other than my brother-in-law!  My wife's brother!  His name is Eloy Loy. 

As the investigation continued, we became even more aware of the ugly status of this career criminal.  It turns out that Eloy Loy has a startling record of sex offense crimes with other female minors and is considered as one of the worst pedophiles along with a group of nine hundred other prisoners, according to the California State prison system. 

Due to the tight secrecy kept by some of my in-laws, neither my wife nor I knew beforehand all the details of his dangerous record or when the weirdo was to be paroled from prison for good behavior after only serving fourteen years of his twenty-eight year prison sentence for his prior vicious sex crime.

Even though my daughter is in heaven, I feel that she has been in control of the situation with her killer because it was right on Monique's fifteenth birthday that jury selection began.  The trial started on Friday the thirteenth of the same month.  It lasted ten days with two days of deliberation that resulted in a conviction of murder in the first degree with special circumstances of performing lewd and lascivious acts on a minor under the age of fourteen.  The penalty phase of the trial took less than a day of deliberations which rendered the death penalty.

The repulsive weirdo who showed no remorse at all for murdering his own niece will never have the opportunity to harm another innocent child on this earth again for as long as he exists!  This sub-human form of life will die in prison, either at the hands of other prisoners, by suicide or whenever his execution occurs for what he did to my daughter.  Monique, we will always love you while we live on this earth.  We know that you are constantly with us in spirit and we will join again with you in eternal life!



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