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Adolph Louis LUETGERT



Adolph Luetgert, circa 1893.



Adolph Luetgert



Adolph Luetgert



Adolph Luetgert. Chicago Journal, May 18, 1897.



Luetgert is no longer indifferent. Sept. 29, 1897.



Adolph Luetgert. Chicago Journal, Sep. 9, 1897.



Adolph Luetgert's Evil Eye. Chicago Journal, Aug. 26, 1897.



Luetgert as he entered the prison at Joliet. Chicago Inter Ocean, July 28, 1899.



Mug shot from Illinois State Penitentiary, Joliet. From the Illinois State Archives.
Thanks to Eugene Giles for locating this photo.



Luetgert's first sausage factory on North Avenue. From A Business Tour of Chicago.



A picture of the Luetgert factory featured inside a company paperweight.
(Courtesy of Jim Luetgert.)



The second Luetgert sausage factory at Diversey and Hermitage. Chicago Daily News, Aug. 13, 1897.



The vats in the factory basement. Chicago Daily News, Sept. 3, 1897
(from a photograph by Melander Brothers).



The boiler room. Chicago Daily News, Sept. 4, 1897 (from a photograph by Melander Brothers).



The evidence. Chicago Journal, Sept. 13, 1897.



The cover sheet from the Adolph Luetgert case file.



The first count of the indictment against Adolph Luetgert. The indictment lists many potential
ways Luetgert might have killed his wife.



The verdict form signed by the jurors in Luetgert's second trial.



The victim


Louise Luetger



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