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Juan A. LUNA Jr.




The Accused


Jim Degorski Jim Degorski, now 30, of Indianapolis. Charged in Brown’s murders with former classmate Juan Luna. Single. Juan Luna Juan Luna, now 28, of Carpentersville. Charged in Brown’s murders with former classmate Jim Degorski. Worked briefly for the Ehlenfeldts. Married, one son.



The Investigators


Jerry Bratcher Jerry Bratcher, now 68, Palatine police chief at the time of the murders. Retired in 1999. Sgt. Bob Haas Bob Haas, now 44, current Palatine deputy chief. Was night watch commander the night of the murders. John Koziol John Koziol, now 42, current Palatine police chief. Was sergeant in the detective unit when the murders occurred. Jack McGregor Jack McGregor, now 53, former Palatine deputy police chief and later police chief. Oversaw much of the investigation.



The Innocent


Martin Blake Martin Blake, now 33, living in Texas. Former Brown’s employee and first suspect in the case. Never charged with the murders.



The Confidantes


Eileen Bakalla Eileen Bakalla, now 29, former resident of Elgin, Hoffman Estates. Former waitress who says she picked Degorski and Luna up from a local grocery store after the killings. Anne Lockett Anne Lockett, now 27, of Charleston. Former girlfriend of Jim Degorski. Friend “Melissa” convinced her to go to police with information.



The Victims


Michael Castro Michael Castro, 16, of Palatine. Worked cash register alongside classmate Rico Solis. Aspired to join the Marines. Lynn Ehlenfeldt Lynn Ehlenfeldt, 49, of Arlington Heights. Co-owned restaurant with husband, Richard. Three daughters. Richard Ehlenfeldt Richard Ehlenfeldt, 50, of Arlington Heights. Co-owned restaurant with wife, Lynn. Former political aide. Three daughters. Guadalupe Maldonado Guadalupe Maldonado, 47, of Palatine. Fry cook, had recently emigrated from Mexico. Married with three sons.


Thomas Mennes Thomas Mennes, 32, of Palatine. Chicken breader. Had a twin brother, Jerry. Single. Marcus Nellsen Marcus Nellsen, 31, of Palatine. Manager-in-training. Divorced with a 4-year-old daughter. Rico Solis Rico Solis, 17, of Arlington Heights. Philippine-born cashier. Worked counter with high school classmate Michael Castro.



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