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Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Robberies - Rape
Number of victims: 9
Date of murders: March-September 2012
Date of arrest: September 2012
Date of birth: 1984
Victims profile: Portia Moela / Rankoane Monica Mohlahlo / Thandi Masegela Majola / Mapule Maria Matlala / Phologo Mokwena / Dinah Lekola / Lebo Mokwena / Mankgele Peggy / Gloria Mamodupi Pookgwadi Moshitoa (eight women and a baby)
Method of murder: Strangulation
Location: Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on October 17, 2013

Life for serial killer Petrus Madiba

October 18, 2013

MIDDELBURG - Serial killer Petrus Madiba has been sentenced to life in jail.

Judge Bill Prinsloo told the Middelburg Circuit Court that Madiba will remain a threat to society for as long as he lives.

He therefore ordered that the life sentence runs subsequent to the 35 years Madiba is already serving.

Madiba began sobbing upon hearing the sentence.

He apologised to the families of victims, saying he was sorry he had taken their loved ones away.

Madiba had admitted to killing eight women and a baby.

Judge Prinsloo questioned Madiba’s motive for the confession, saying it was probably that Madiba pleaded guilty because the case against him was overwhelming.

On Thursday, Madiba told the court he was sorry for the killings, but said also that his victims provoked him to rage, causing him to kill.


Serial killer apologises but blames his victims

October 17, 2013

MIDDELBURG - Serial killer Petrus Madiba has admitted to murdering eight women and a baby.

He assaulted and robbed his victims; one of the women was raped.

The 29-year-old claims that all but two of his victims were his girlfriends, and he has accused the young women of cheating on him or stealing his money.

While he says he is sorry, he still lays the blame at the feet of each victim, for provoking his rage which led him to commit the atrocities - not even the baby escaped blame.

But families of the victims say Madiba is lying about his romantic involvement with the young women.

They say, instead, he lured many of his victims to their death with the promise of work.

Sentencing will be handed down today.


Lawyers want murder accused's mental status probed

October 16, 2013

MIDDELBURG - Lawyers for a convicted killer want to investigate his claims of mental instability.

Farmworker Petrus Madiba is accused of killing eight women and a baby while out on bail for murder.

Now he wants to plead guilty to the killing spree.

The 29-year-old was convicted of strangling a woman in November last year.

He’s currently serving a 35-year sentence for that killing.


Madiba stands accused of luring his financially desperate victims with the promise of work.

He would then rob them and strangle them.

The state has argued his murderous rampage is incorrigible.

One of Madiba’s victims was carrying her baby girl on her, when she was killed.

The state says Madiba kidnapped the little girl – and then strangled her too.

The family members of Madiba’s alleged victims back in the Middelburg Circuit Court today, hoping finally to hear what happened to their loved-ones.


'Serial killer' up for murder

By Frank Maponya -

September 20, 2012

THE Limpopo man believed to be the Groblersdal serial killer will know in two week's time if he will be granted bail.

Petrus Madiba, 29, appeared in the Groblersdal Regional Court on a murder charge yesterday.

His case was postponed to October 1 to allow him time to get Legal Aid representation.

At least five women, including a two-year-old girl, have been killed in the area. The toddler was allegedly strangled to death.

Madiba was positively linked to the death of Monica Mohlahlo, 32, of Masakaneng village, whose body was found in May.

"For now, Madiba is facing one charge of murder but more murder and robbery charges are likely to be added," Lieutenant Colonel Ronel Otto said yesterday.

"Indications are that more women may have been raped by the same man. That's why we will hold an identity parade."

Mohlahlo's elder sister, Christina Nkadimeng, said: "We just pray to God the arrested man is really the one responsible for the murder of my sister. We want to know why he did such a horrible thing."

Meanwhile, the search for Dinah Morulaneng Lekola, 28, who went missing on May 27, continues.


Serial killer on the prowl - Four women murdered in Limpopo

By Frank Maponya -

September 11, 2012

POLICE in Limpopo believe a serial killer who targets women could be on the loose in the Groblersdal area.

This follows the discovery of a woman's body on September 2, bringing the number of bodies to four since April.

Police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said that the woman was found dead and burnt beyond recognition in the bushes at Groblersdal.

Her hands were tied behind her back.

"The body was discovered by two women who were collecting firewood at B50 Mkholoane Farm.

"Following a spate of murders which have hit the Groblersdal area, we have every reason to believe there is a serial killer on the loose,'' Mulaudzi said.

He said their suspicions were strengthened by the fact that the modus operandi in all the killings was the same.

On April 8, the decomposing body of a woman in her late 30s was found in the bushes at Air Stripped. She was wearing a brown T-shirt and black tights.

Two months later, the body of Monica Mohlahlo of Masakaneng village was found at Krokodilsdrift farm on Schoeman Road.

Her elder sister, Christina Nkadimeng, said the family hoped the killer will be caught soon to explain why Mohlahlo was killed.

She said her sister's death was especially hard on Monica's daughter.

"Monica had been working very hard to ensure a proper upbringing for her daughter, aged 11. Now that she is gone it is difficult for the child to cope," said Nkadimeng.

"The girl now has to rely on her grandmother's pension grant to survive," she said.

Mulaudzi said a month later the body of a woman, burnt beyond recognition, was found in the bushes in Groblersdal.

Police are also searching for Dinah Morulaneng Lekola, 28, of Groblersdal, who was reported missing on May 27.

Lekola reportedly went off with a man who had promised to give her a job and has not been seen since.

Mulaudzi said initial investigations showed the women were raped before being killed.


Serial killer Petrus Madiba has been sentenced to life in prison. He'd admitted to
murdering eight women and a baby after having assaulted and robbed his
victims. One of the women was raped.
(Picture: eNCA / Karyn Maughan)



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