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Charles Milles MANSON



Manson girls remain stoic after hearing judge impose death penalty. In head-saven serenity,
Leslie Van Houten (left), Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel leave court.



Charles Manson walking with a deputy sheriff after appearing in court on April 13, 1971.



Charles Manson walking with deputy sheriff on March 8, 1971.



Steve Grogan of the Shorty Shea murder case is being led back to his cell in the Lall of
Justice Building by Sherrif's Deputy following conviction, on October 30, 1971.



Manson follower Steve Grogan on August 28, 1971, accompanied by sheriffs enroute to court.
At this time he has had his hair cut and is clean-shaven.



Brenda McCann (Nancy Laura Pitman). Brenda McCann was 18, at the time she was arrested at the
Spahn Ranch raid on October 9, 1969. She was eventually released because it was decided that
there was insufficient evidence to convict her. She later returned to rejoin the Family at Spahn Ranch.
Charles Manson tried to control the trial proceedings by influencing Family members over whom he
still had great influence. Here she is quoted as saying "Charlie is the best father we ever had."



Charles Manson leaving the courtroom on the 8th floor of the Hall of Justice on August 18, 1971.



Charles Manson followers Brindle McCan, Sandy Good, Kitty Lutesinger and Capistrano
kneeling in front of the Hall of Justice on January 17, 1971.



Charles Manson girls Patricia Krenwinkel (foreground), Leslie Van Houten (center)
and Susan Atkins (rear) in custody.



Magdalene Shea, 31, wife of Donald (Shorty) Shea, leaving the courtroom after her August 18, 1971
testimony. She was the topless dancer witness against Manson. At her left is Sgt. Paul Whiteley.



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