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Charles Milles MANSON



Dennis Rice and other Manson family members.



Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins escorted by Sheriff as trial proceeds.
Their hair has already started to grow back in.



Manson family members outside Grand Jury Room 548.



Portrait of Susan Atkins, murder defendant with Charles Manson.



Kenneth Como, arrested, along with other Manson family members for the Hawthorne and Covina
robberies. Extraordinary security measures were taken during the trial, in part because the defense
had called as witnesses what Judge Arthur Alarcon labeled "the biggest collection of murderers in
Los Angeles County at one time." Twelve convicted killers, including Manson, Beausoleil, Atkins,
Krenwinkel, Van Houten, Grogan, and Davis, took the stand. Their presence in one place made
everyone a little nervous. Especially since by this time the Family had discovered that the Hall
of Justice was not escapeproof.



Kenneth Como, arrested, along with other Manson family members: Mary brunner, Catherine Share,
Dennis Rice, Charles Lovett, and Lawrence Bailey for the robbery of the Western Surplus Store in
Hawthorne on August 21, 1971 to steal guns and amunition for a plot by the Manson family to
free Charles Manson from prison. After their arrest it was also learned that the same group was
also involved in a robbery of a Covina beer distributorship on August 13.



Some of the Manson family members at Spahn Ranch. From left to right Jennifer Gentry, Catherine Share,
Sue Bartlett, Danny DeCarlo, Sandra Good, Lynne Fromme, Chuck Lovett, and Ruth Ann Moorehouse.



Lynette Alice Fromme was a follower of mass-killer Charles Manson who tried to shoot President
Gerald R. Ford at a political rally in Sacramento, California on Sept. 5, 1975. Miss Fromme
was convicted of attempting to assassinate the President.



Maria Theresa Alonzo, aka Crystal, Manson family member. Arrested two times. First, while trying
to smuggle a switchblade knife into the Stockton jail ; she was subsequently released.
Second, kidnapping charge of foreign official. She has yet to be brought to trial.



Some of the Manson family members at Spahn Ranch. From left to right Mary, Sandra,
Jennifer, Catherine Share, Chuck, Cathy Gillies, Ruth Ann, Danny and Lynne.



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