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John Jason McLaughlin



Jason McLaughlin's photo when he was booked following the high school shootings.
(Stearns County)



Students embrace after the shooting.
(MPR Photo/Tim Post)



Parents walk to the school to pick up their children.
(MPR Photo/Tim Post)



The school was closed and roped off as a crime scene.
(MPR Photo/Tim Post)



Rocori, a consolidated district with about 2,673 students, serves the central Minnesota
towns of Rockville, Cold Spring and Richmond.
(MPR Photo/Tim Post)



Jason McLaughlin sits with his head to the wall during a video taken by BCA investigators
shortly after the Rocori High School shootings.
(Image courtesy of Stearns County Court)



Jason McLaughlin pounds the table after learning someone has died as a result
of the Rocori shootings.
(Image courtesy of Stearns County Court)



Jason McLaughlin put his head down repeatedly on the table during the video.
He breaks down in tears at one point on learning of the first death from the Rocori shootings.

(Image courtesy of Stearns County Court)



A copy of the final e-mail, allegedly sent by the teen charged with killing
two high school students.
(Court evidence)



Rachel Rollins, the sister of shooting victim Aaron Rollins, shows reporters a family photograph
taken shortly before her brother was killed in a school shooting at Rocori High School.
(MPR photo/Tim Pugmire)



The family members of Aaron Rollins and Seth Bartell talk with the media after Jason McLaughlin
was sentenced to life in prison for the murder the two Rocori students.
(MPR photo/Tim Post)



Photos of the victims, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins, were on display at Rocori
High School shortly after the shooting.
(MPR file photo)



Victim Seth Bartell (Court evidence)



Victim Aaron Rollins (Court evidence)



Two granite spires stand at the center of a memorial for the Rocori High School shooting victims.
One is 17 feet high, to represent 17-year-old Aaron Rollins.
The other 14 foot spire is for 14-year-old Seth Bartell.

(MPR file photo)


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