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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: March 13, 1987
Date of birth: December 20, 1959
Victim profile: Steven A. Jackson
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on February 23, 1988. Overturned. Resentenced to life in prison

Reyes Miranda

Multnomah County - Oregon

Born: 12/20/59

Sentenced to death: 2/23/1988

Miranda and Stephen Leroy Nefstad stabbed Steven A. Jackson to death in 1987 while robbing him of his pickup and bank card. Jackson of Oregon City had 37 knife wounds on his legs and chest. Miranda's sentence was overturned, based on a 1989 U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Interesting fact: On his way out of the courtroom after being sentenced to death, Miranda paused to kiss his 4-year-old son.

Status: Life sentence.


Reyes Miranda

The prosecution presented the following evidence:

The victim met Nefstad and codefendant Reyes Miranda in a bar in Oregon and was last seen leaving the bar with the two defendants. Less than an hour later, a bank surveillance camera photographed Miranda stealing $200 from the victim's account through an automatic teller machine in Oregon. Blood appeared to be on Miranda's shirt. Almost no blood was found at the scene where the body was dumped. Miranda's car, however, was soaked with the victim's blood.

A medical examiner testified that the victim's blood was out of his body before it was dumped in a gorge in Vancouver, Washington. The examiner's testimony also established that the victim was stabbed while sitting in the car and would have lost his blood there. The victim sustained stab wounds to his heart and lung that would cause the victim to have died within minutes of receiving those wounds.


943 F.2d 55

Reyes MIRANDA, Petitioner-Appellant,
The STATE of Oregon, Respondent-Appellee.

No. 90-35790.

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

Submitted Sept. 11, 1991.*
Decided Sept. 13, 1991.

Before GOODWIN, SCHROEDER and NOONAN, Circuit Judges.


Petitioner sued in the United States District Court to enjoin his resentencing by the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, pursuant to the decision of the Oregon Supreme Court reported in State v. Miranda, 309 Or. 121, 786 P.2d 155 (1990). The District Court dismissed his action under the authority of Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37 (1971). We affirm.

Defendant was convicted in state court of murder and was sentenced to death following Oregon's two-stage trial and sentencing procedure. The State Supreme Court found no error in his judgment of conviction, but found an error requiring resentencing.

Under the impression that a new penalty proceeding before a different jury violates the United States Constitution, the appellant seeks to enjoin his resentencing in state court. United States district courts do not enjoin ongoing state criminal proceedings when there is an adequate opportunity to raise federal questions in those proceedings. Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37 at 45 (1971); World Famous Drinking Emporium v. City of Tempe, 820 F.2d 613 (9th Cir.1987). We express no opinion whether a federal question is presented.

The appellant has cited no case and we have found none authorizing the United States District Court to grant injunctive relief when the state criminal proceedings are in the procedural posture of this case.

Judgment is AFFIRMED.


The panel unanimously finds this case suitable for submission on the record and briefs and without oral argument. Fed.R.App.P. 34(a); Ninth Circuit Rule 34-4


This disposition is not appropriate for publication and may not be cited to or by the courts of this circuit except as provided by Ninth Circuit Rule 36-3



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