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Kenneth Allen McDUFF



Known Victims


Marcus Dunnam

Marcus Dunnam was visiting his cousin, Robert Brand, at the Brand home in Alvarado, Texas, during the day and night of August 6, 1966. He had been visiting his grandmother in Fort Worth. Marcus liked to play the drums.



Robert Brand

Robert Brand lived with his parents in Alvarado, Texas and was a high school student. During the early evening of August 6, 1966, he and Marcus Dunnam got into a 1957 Ford and drove to Everman to visit Robert's girlfriend, Louise Sullivan. Robert loved to play the guitar.



Louise Sullivan

Louise Sullivan was a beautiful and popular student at Everman High School. She volunteered to work on Sundays in the daycare center of her church. She was murdered by Kenneth Allen McDuff on August 6, 1966 while on an outing with her boyfriend, Robert Brand, and hhis cousin, Marcus Dunnam.



Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson was abducted and murdered during the evening of October 10, 1991. She was last seen screaming and trying to kick out the windshield of Kenneth McDuff's pickup truck. Her body was not recovered until October 3, 1998, in a heavily wooded area approximately 9 miles north of Waco.



Regenia Moore

Regenia DeAnn Moore was abducted and murdered during the evening of October 15, 1991. She was last seen in McDuff's pickup truck in an area of Waco called "The Cut." Her body was recovered on September 30, 1998 near a creek north and east of Waco.



Colleen Reed

Colleen Reed was a native of Ville Platte, Louisiana, and a resident of Austin, Texas, on the night of December 29, 1991 when she was kidnapped from a carwash in Austin. She was a very popular accountant for the Lower Colorado River Authority. Her body was recovered on the banks of the Brazos River, just outside of Marlin, Texas, the county seat of McDuff's native Falls County, Texas.



Valencia Joshua

Valencia Kay Joshua was a native of Arlington, Texas. She was last seen alive on the campus of the Texas State Technical Institute knocking on the window of Kenneth McDuff's dorm room. Her body was recovered a few months later in a heavily wooded area near the campus.



Melissa Ann Northrup

Melissa Ann Northrup worked at a convenience store at the corner of New Road and Interstate Highway 35 just south of Waco. On the night of February 29, 1992, Kenneth McDuff kidnapped her from the store. She was the dutiful mother of two small children and was pregnant for her third. Her body was located 51 days later in southeast Dallas County in Texas



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