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Francis NG'ANG'A





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Poisoner - Parricide
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: November 21, 1999
Date of birth: 1968
Victims profile: His three daughters, Carol Nasirian (10), Wairimu (?) and Naisenya (7)
Method of murder: Poisoning
Location: Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya
Status: Committed suicide by hanging the same day

All the information is from the Online edition of The Kenya Daily Nation newspaper, so while being rather brief, it is still pretty interesting, if only for the fact that the guy was Kenyan.

As all this information is taken from newspaper reports we know we little about Francis Ng'ang'a. But what we do know that he lived at Lower Matasia, Ngong, he was 31-years old and he was a matatu driver. He was also separated from his wife, Rhoda Gathoni, 29. She had custody of his three daughters, Carol Nasirian (10), Wairimu (?) and Naisenya (7). And from the following descriptions I think it may be a fair assumption that Francis wasnít too happy about that.

So, where did it all go wrong for Francis?

On Saturday, November 20, 1999, Francis Ng'ang'a, picked up his children from their mother's custody in Kayole, Nairobi. While picking up the kids he also tried to persuade his wife to return to his house with him, but she wasnít interested. Francis got a little violent when she turned him down but luckily for her Ngige Mutua, her father, was on hand to dish out a little punishment on Francis. I guess it just wasnít his day.

Francis returned home with his daughters, which is where his mother takes up the story:

"When he got home, at 5pm, he informed me that he had finally brought his children back. He said he was no longer interested in his wife and would never want to see her at their matrimonial home."

"When I asked him why he looked unhappy, he said his father-in-law had beaten him up. He then went back to his house as the children went out to play with the rest," the old woman explained.

Later in the evening, she invited her son for dinner with the children but he declined, saying they had already fed on food his mother had prepared.

From here on we donít really know exactly what happened but sometime during the night Francis set about solving his problems. He had the three girls a drink each. This drink contained (or was pure) Cooper Triatix, a chemical that seemed to do the job fairly well as the girls died pretty quickly.

Once they were dead, Francis put all three bodies in the sitting room. They were dressed in neat tunics and bare-feet, and were placed on their stomachs on one sofa seat. Bizarrely he arranged them in order of their age. He then covered them with a blanket.

Francis then hung himself from the roof, right beside the three corpses, with a black cable. Maybe his own suicide had something to do with the clothes he was wearing (a green denim jeans suit, a purple T-shirt, a woollen hat and brown socks. I mean, who would be seen alive in this ensemble?)

The corpses were found at 9am on Sunday morning by relatives who broke into the house when Francis and the kids didnít show up at his mums for breakfast.

And as an amusing postscript, the mother of the children didn't find out about their deaths until a few days later because the girls younger brother (it was never said that he was her son also, so I'm assuming he was a step son) was sent to relay the bad news to her. Not surprisingly he never made it. He was later "found to be too shocked and confused to carry out the mission".

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