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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Gordon Stewart Northcott at age 10. From the cradle to the present, Northcott always was the pet of his mother, according to relatives, and was petted and pampered. This photo shows him when he lived on a farm in the wide open spaces of Canada.



Gordon Stewart Northcott at age 13. From a delicate, effeminate life, the boy swung to the other extreme, officers say. His father says he noticed strange tendencies. It is reported that Gordon was raised as a girl, not allowed to wear boys' clothes.



Gordon Stewart Northcott is shown in one of the automobiles which he is declared to have used in his alleged criminal expeditions. A man to whom he sold one of his cars reported finding stains resembling blood in the rear compartment. (His car is shown parked next to a dome-shaped restaurant with an open window facing the parking lot.)



Gordon Stewart Northcott when he lived on the "murder farm" and waged a career of terrorism
and murder of boys. Sanford Clark, who lived with him, identified him from photos.



Gordon Stewart Northcott, who "broke" on the train and confessed that he had killed one boy.
Ever since his capture he has called Mrs. Northcott his "poor little mother" and tried to shield her.



Northcott, who was accused by his 15-year-old nephew, Sanford Clark, of luring four boys
to a "murder farm" and killing them
with a hatchet.



Authorities have termed Gordon Stewart Northcott an "ape man," and Sanford Clark has described him as being "covered with hair." A letter and photo found in the Northcott home show, according to investigators, that Northcott worried about this asserted condition.



Northcott denies he killed Walter Collins or ever knew him. Deputy District Attorney Redwine
 says Northcott killed Collins on the chicken ranch.



Northcott, center, is shown shackled to Constable F. R. Rigby of the Canadian police. At the right is Corporal Walker Cruickshank, also a member of the Canadian police force. Northcott arrived in Los Angeles November 30, 1928, and was placed in the cell Hickman occupied at the County Jail.



Gordon Stewart Northcott mug shot



Hands of Gordon Stewart Northcott.



At Kamloops, B.C., Sgt. Fraser of the British Columbia Provincial Police, left, escorts Gordon Northcott to
Vancouver after Northcott was captured in Vernon, B.C.. The Times published this photo Sept. 23, 1928.
(Los Angeles Times file photo).



Northcott signing out in the "big book" at the Los Angeles County Jail as he departed for Riverside
to go on trial as the slayer of the Winslow brothers. Soon after, his mother revealed that
he is actually the son of her daughter, Mrs. Winifred Clark






Here, he looks like a young writer. (Los Angeles Times file photo).



And here, he looks demonic. (Los Angeles Times file photo).


Los Angeles Public Library



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