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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Portrait of Sarah Louise Northcott, murder accomplice of her son, Gordon,
at the farm, in custody in Calgary, Canada.



Sarah Northcott, Gordon's mother, held in Canada and jointly accused with her son of murder.



Mrs. Louise Northcott, Gordon's mother, holding a pet rooster on the ranch near Wineville.
Murder charges were issued at Riverside September 18, 1928, against her and her son,
who are reported under surveillance in Canada.



Mrs. Louise Northcott, mother of Gordon Stewart Northcott, accused jointly with her son of murder in connection with the probe of the "murder farm" near Riverside. She was being held in Canada for extradition. It was said she "always let him have his own way." Gordon accused both his parents of killing a boy known as Richard Gordon.



Sarah Louise Northcott, accused with her son, Gordon, of slaying four boys. The youth and his mother
have been ordered extradited to the United States by Canadian authorities.



Deputy P.H. Peterson and his wife escort Louisa Northcott to San Quentin for her role in the killings.
(Los Angeles Times file photo)



Sarah Louise Northcott, left, as she arrived at San Quentin Prison in the custody of Mrs. Clem Sweeters,
wife of the Riverside County Sheriff, to serve a life sentence following her murder confession.



Louisa Northcott, the mother of Gordon Northcott, is booked in jail.
(Los Angeles Times file photo)



Louisa Northcott with one of her attorneys (she was represented by Norbert Savay, A.H. De Tremaudan
and J. McKinley Cameron). (Los Angeles Times file photo)



Mrs. Louise Northcott pleaded guilty on December 31, 1928, of murdering "the boy named
in the indictment as Walter Collins," but said the victim was another boy.



Louisa Northcott, December 1928. She was paroled in 1940.
(Los Angeles Times file photo)


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