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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Bones of victims of Gordon Stewart Northcott found at the "murder farm."



Collection of bones unearthed at the "murder farm" and declared to be human bones by three scientists
who examined them closely.



Bits of lime-flecked bone unearthed at the farm and identified by laboratory methods as finger bones
of a child about the age of the Winslow brothers.



Clark Sellers, criminologist, classified these bones as being from the second finger of a boy's right hand.



A piece of parietal skull bone, evidence in the Northcott case.



Dirt taken from shallow supposed graves of the victims at the "murder farm". It is streaked with lime and will be chemically analyzed. Officers reported finding two graves in a chicken coop and several small bones in a lime-filled hole. Authorities think the bodies may have been destroyed by quicklime.



Arrows show tiny craters in a piece of concrete taken from the chicken coop where Walter Collins
was killed. Though the concrete was scoured, minute specks of blood remained in the craters,
and these were sufficient to prove them human blood.



A piece of lime with a bone imbedded in it, discovered in a grave at the Wineville "murder farm".
Arrow points out the bone, which investigators declare they believe to be part of a human
skull. Scientists will examine this bone to determine positively.



Human skull bone found in lime on the "murder farm," with a blonde hair embedded in it.



Deputy Sheriff Ben B. deCrevecoeur with blood-soaked dirt and lime.



The corners of a burned carrying bag unearthed in a desert burying hole in the Northcott case.



A portion of the concrete floor at Northcott's farm, which had been scrubbed. However, in tiny pores of its surface adhered specks of discoloration which were analyzed and found to be human blood.

Thus scientific criminology supplanted the "corpus delecti," for bodies of Northcott's victims never were discovered. He died on the gallows at San Quentin Prison on October 2, 1930, for the murder of Lewie and Nelson Winslow and an unidentified boy.



A hatchet supposedly used by Sanford Clark to kill Nelson Winslow and a cap found at the Northcott farm chicken coop. Under chemical treatment, the label of a Pomona store was brought out. The proprietor was questioned and told investigators that he had sold an identical cap to one
of the Winslow boys.



This 22-caliber bullet was found in the ribs of a headless Mexican boy found near Puente and believed
to have been fired from a rifle found on Northcott's ranch. Sanford Clark said Gordon
Northcott killed the boy.



This photo has two captions: (1) Right shoe of Collins boy and right shoe of boy who claims to be the Collins child. (2) One shoe is one of a pair found in the Northcotts' Los Angeles home. The other is a shoe of Walter Collins, who Sanford Clark says was killed by Gordon Northcott and his mother. Investigators declare the shoes are the same size and worn similarly at the heel. Caption one is dated September 18, 1928. Caption two is dated Saptember 24, 1928.



Boy Scout hat and uniform, along with other clothing found in the Northcott farm house.
Lewie Winslow was a Boy Scout.



Knives and forks, burned black, taken from a desert burying hole, evidence in the Northcott case.



A charred banjo key was discovered at the farm and compared with another in the home
of Lewie and Nelson Winslow, missing brothers. The keys were found to be identical,
thus giving evidence the brothers had been at the farm.



Charred aviation magazine page found at the Northcott farm. Two of the supposed victims,
the Winslow boys, were interested in aviation. The criminologist is comparing figures
on the page with specimens of their handwriting.



Charred fragment of an English book taken from a desert hole in the Northcott case investigation.



A dramatically ironic foreshadowing of Northcott's fate came when officers searching his Los Angeles home found a rope tied in a noose with a hangman's knot. Police Commissioner W. G. Thorpe is shown examining it. The house is located at 1239 Brittania Street, Boyle Heights.



J. Clark Sellers, criminologist, examines an axe which Sanford Clark says Mrs. Louise Northcott used in Walter Collins' murder. Rex Welsh, police chemist, declares the axe is stained with human blood. It was found in a chicken coop on the ranch. Northcott said he killed the boys with a gun.



Gordon Stewart Northcott's father, Cyrus G. Northcott, identifying a .22 rifle as that owned by his son. Police believe a Mexican youth, whose headless body was found near Puente, was slain with a .22 gun. Experts are trying to find if this gun was linked to the killing.


Los Angeles Public Library



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