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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Portrait of Walter Collins, the son of Mrs. Christine Collins.



Walter Collins at age 7.



Gordon Northcott confessed he murdered Walter Collins saying, "It hurt me horribly
to have to do it. I cared for the boy, but he knew too much."



The real Walter Collins, with comments from his mother, Mrs. Christine Collins describing
the characteristics that distinguish him from the impostor claiming to be her son.



The real Walter Collins before he was kidnapped. Sanford Clark maintained he was killed on the "murder farm".
The boy impostor who came backas Collins explained he posed as Walter to break into films.



Billy Fields on a pony, looking astoundingly like the pose of Walter Collins. This led to his supposed identification as Fields because a woman who formerly lived in Decatur and owned the photo gave it to officers and declared she believed the false Walter Collins was the young Fields lad.



The boy who returned as Walter Collins pencils specimens of his writing, which proves he is not the real Walter Collins, according to Milton Carlson, handwriting expert. Later it was learned his real name is Arthur Hutchens, alias Billy Fields.



As the Los Angeles City Council investigated police treatment of Mrs. Christine Collins, who refused to accept Arthur Hutchens as her kidnapped son, Walter, young Hutchens stood admitted to the strange company of famous impostors of history.



Arthur Jacob Hutchens and his stepmother, Mrs. Violet Hutchens, who came to take him back home.
He had previously posed as Walter Collins and then as Billy Fields.



Mrs. Christine Collins, mother of the murdered Walter Collins, who was sent to the psychopathic ward after refusing to accept Arthur Hutchens, Jr. as her missing son. She brought a suit against Captain J. J. Jones and Police Chief James E. Davis on charges of false arrest. The Hutchens boy was found to be an imposter, and Gordon Northcott was convicted of killing Mrs. Collins' son.



Walter Collins' mother, Mrs. Christine Collins, who confronted Gordon Northcott in jail concerning her son. "I did not kill Walter," he told her. "I believe you," she replied. Later, when Arthur Hutchens claimed to be her son and she did not accept him, she was sent to a psychopathic ward. She later filed suit against the police for this action.



Mrs. Christine Collins, waiting at San Quentin Prison and hoping until the last moment of Northcott's life that he would tell her the truth about the fate of her son, Walter. She talked to Northcott, and he denied the killing but was so contradictory that she was not sure.


Los Angeles Public Library



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