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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Lewie Winslow at age 3 and Nelson Winslow at 18 months.



The Winslow brothers, Lewie (left) and Nelson (right), who were murdered by Gordon Northcott. However, Northcott claimed that Nelson was murdered by Sanford Clark on his own. Northcott declared, "I felt sorry for Nelson after I killed Lewie, the little one was so distressed and wept so."



Lewie and Nelson Winslow with a neighbor girl. Sanford Clark says the boys were slain by Gordon Northcott.



Lewie and Nelson Winslow--the little brothers for whose deaths Northcott will be hanged. Their mother
seeks a word with Northcott before he is hanged. Mrs. Christine Collins also is hoping he will speak
to her again regarding her son.



Comparison of weight, grain, texture and chlorophyl grouping of hairs in evidence proves
that Nelson Winslow was at the Wineville farm, an expert declared.



Lewie Winslow holding a chicken. His hair was found and analyzed acording to weight,
grain and texture, thus identifying him as a murder victim.



A sample of Nelson Winslow's hair, furnished to police chemist Rex Welch by parents of the missing boy.



N. H. Winslow, father of the missing boys, watching and waiting, saying, "Our boys aren't dead. They'll be
along pretty soon." But the mother had given up hope, locking herself in the boys' room and weeping.



The home of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Winslow in Pomona at 455 Center Street. They are the parents
of missing Lewie and Nelson. The porch light is on every night for them if they should return.



Every night, all night, a light burns on the porch of the Winslow home in Pomona, and the covers of a little white bed where Lewie and Nelson Winslow used to sleep are turned down, to welcome the missing boys. Their father believes they are alive and will come back, though Sanford Clark says they were "murder farm" victims.


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