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Gordon Stewart NORTHCOTT



Sanford Clark, Gordon Northcott's nephew, who first revealed the so-called "murder farm" and accused Northcott of killing at least three boys there. He declared he was held captive at the farm and made to assist in the murders. He is Jessie Clark's brother.



Sanford Clark, 15, who asserted four boys were slain on a "murder farm" by Stewart Northcott, 24. He is shown looking over photos of missing boys. He claimed Walter Collins was a victim and picked his photo out of 30 but could not identify a boy found and returned as Walter Collins.



Deputy Sheriffs Abe Mendoza, left, and Joseph Sepulveda, right, question Sanford Clark about a grain sack found on Stewart Northcott's ranch. The brand is said to be similar to that of the sack in which a headless Mexican boy was found.



Jessie Clark, sister of "murder farm" resident Sanford Clark, went to the farm to rescue her brother. Fearing for her life, she would tiptoe in the middle of the night to Sanford's bedside, where he whispered his story of the murders of several boys, according to her sworn statement.



Jessie Clark, 19-year-old Saskatoon, Canada, girl who said, "Gordon said he burned four boys on a pyre."



Mrs. Winifred Clark, mother of Sanford and Jessie, has turned against her accused relatives, the Northcotts. Sanford was Gordon's teen-aged nephew who lived for a time at the farm. Clark said, "I hope Mother and Brother can make their peace with God."



Gordon Stewart Northcott's older sister, Mrs. Winifred Clark, who had arrived at the farm
and discovered the truth. She returned safely to Calgary.



Northcott murder case witness Rorma Langworthy identified pages as from a book
she gave Lewie Winslow by the binding date on one of them.



Friend of Gordon Northcott, Delwin Hamilton, witness in the case who heard Northcott
talk about quicklime and a mysterious cavern on the farm.



Marvin K. Duley, a witness in the Northcott trial, who knew Gordon Northcott for five years. He and another witness, Delwin Hamilton, revealed how they visited the farm and heard Northcott boast of having a barrel of quicklime and a mysterious cavern there. Hamilton declared that Northcott once told him of "plugging a man's head full of holes."



Inspector Forbes Cruickshank of the British Columbia provincial police, with headquarters
at Vancouver, whose men captured
Northcott in Canada.



Corporal Walker Cruickshank, son of the internationally-famous police officer, Inspector Forbes Cruickshank, has been detailed as a special guard for Gordon Stewart Northcott, held in British Columbia. He is to guard him on his trips from Oakalla Prison eight miles from town to Vancouver County Courthouse.



Police Captain J. J. Jones, who faces a hearing before the Police Commission following his suspension
on charges growing out of the imprisonment in the psychopathic ward of Mrs. Christine Collins
for not accepting an impostor as her son.



Cyrus G. Northcott, father of the suspect and asserted owner of the farm,
was grilled by police in September 1928 and denied any knowledge of the crimes.



Prosecutors asked for an all-male jury, saying that the evidence would be too gruesome for any woman.
(Los Angeles Times file photo)


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